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Home where you belong

Adoption Event

We've been participating in North Brooklyn Cats' weekly adoption events when we have cats or kittens to adopt out. It's been an invaluable resource to get our cats seen by an enthusiastic crowd and I don't know where we'd be (or how many more cats we'd still have) without them.

This coming Sunday we're planning on bringing all of our new kittens, plus an adult cat named Tuttle. From our recent TNR project in Crown Heights we now have 8 kittens of varying sizes and personalities, all looking to find a way out of our crazy cat-filled house! Please spread the word and stop by Sunday at Muddy Paws pet store in  Williamsburg from 2-6pm. Here's who will be there (click the photos for more):


Mel is the kitten-mom

Mel, The 'mom' of the group, Mel is affectionate to humans but adores adult cats. She is not as manic as the other kittens, often perching on a high vantage, as if she is keeping an eye on them all.


Skittle: skittish but affectionate

Skittle, a lanky boy kitten started off the roughest customer but quickly turned into the biggest mush. He loves humans and cats equally, head-bumping everything in sight. He can be a little skittish still, but warms up fast.


Bear: he brings the party

Bear is a wild and wooly animal! He loves to play and wrestle and should live with other cats who love to roughhouse. He is vocal and purrs like a motor.

Fanta & Carmine

Fanta & Carmine are a perfect pair

Fanta & Carmine are sister and brother tabbies but have very distinctive personalities. Fanta is bold an gregarious, climbing onto your lap and exploring everywhere. Carmine is a bit shyer but wants you to come to him, often calling for your attention across the room. Both love the run and play and nap together as needed.


Enzo is all that

Enzo is a textbook-perfect tuxedo kitten, with a big pink nose and playful energy. He loves to dash back and forth around the room, will chase any and every toy and loves a good petting. His personality will continue to grow as he does.


Maris, mysterious enchantress

Maris is our proper lady tux. She is wide-eyed and often a little fussy, but she loves to cuddle almost as much as she loves to play with her littermates. She will grow up to be a cat calendar model!


Speck is tiny but has a big personality

Speck is our tiniest kitten. She's got a scruffy but endearing look, her fur is still in that fuzzy-chick mode but she is growing fast. She is fun and has a feisty attitude that belies her small stature.


Tuttle, kitten nanny

Tuttle is a ginger tomcat from the same neighborhood as the kittens (he may even be father to some of them). He is a big boy but possesses a gentle soul; he acts as the kittens' nanny, watching over them and putting up with their pestering. He loves to be petted and held and asks for it in a soft voice. You can tell his time on the street was rough because he is very humble; he isn't always sure he deserves all the food and attention we give him. But of course he does! He deserves all this and more. Tuttle is FIV+ but is very healthy otherwise. He can be adopted to a home with other cats if they are friendly towards him or he can be adopted as a single cat.