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Count the things you haven't got

Lots has been happening in the real world! Currently, we're working on our 3rd bottle-baby kitten of the year! Lefty, above, was brought into our vet's while we were there for another cat. The guy who found him was clueless about kittens, let alone a days-old kitten with a cold. The vet examined him for free and gave us some KMR, and we took it from there. I had to bring him to work for a couple of weeks, secreted in my desk drawer, so he could be fed regularly. He's now eating solid food (though just last night he had a bottle for old time's sake) and looking more and more like a cat and not a fuzzy insect. He'll be up for adoption soon, although I suspect he will be claimed before that.

So much else has happened, including one of our foster cats (Lenny) getting lost and returning nearly a month later with a jaw injury. We also got our senior cat Mabel a much-needed Total Ear Canal Ablation surgery. I should probably make a separate post about that, there's not a lot of info on the web about it, so somebody may benefit from our (her) experience.

Meanwhile, winter is coming and the ferals need shelters! I'm planning to build some more this year, and step up from my usual storage-bin shelters to something sturdier. I'm planning a trip to the Home Depot soon!

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