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Mabel in recovery

Mabel is one of our several cats, she came to us as a foster but we decided she gets to spend her life with us. We decided this partially because she has a lot of health problems that need addressing. Here's what she's had done so far:

  • Treatment for giardia
  • Treatment for severe ringworm
  • Multiple tooth extraction
  • Ear polyp removal
  • Total Ear Canal Ablation
  • Megaesophagus treatment
  • Acid reflux treatment
  • Balloon dilation and stenting (to open nasal passages congested with scar tissue)

She's recovering from her latest procedure (balloon dilation) well, but the vets believe she may need further surgery to remove scar tissue from her larynx. The vets also saw that sometime in the past she suffered from several broken ribs; we suspect this trauma may have jumpstarted many of her ailments.

One positive thing to come out of all these vet visits is that the vets now believe she is much younger than we originally thought! Instead of being 15 years old, as we assumed, they say she is only 6 or 7. This is good news, although a little sad, she's been so messed up for so long she seemed like an elderly cat when she should be in the prime of life.


We are asking for help to pay the enormous vet bills she's racked up so far. If we can get this paid off, we can continue to help Mabel get the care she needs, as well as continue to help other street cats in need.

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