Mabel Unchained – Got the Jimmy Legs

Mabel Unchained

Mabel on lap

Mabel: back on the lap

Mabel is now out of her crate and free to roam the house. We kept her locked up both for her safety and because until yesterday we had small kittens. Mabel hates kittens with a passion that can only mean she once was a mother herself 🙂 Whatever the reason, kittens have targets on their back when Mabel is around, so it was safer for everybody if she remained incarcerated.

Once the kittens went to their new home, Mabel was finally freed. She loves having the run of the house again, we keep finding her in unusual places (she was napping on the treadmill earlier, we've never even seen her in that room before!)

Eventually she ended up on my lap, one of her favorite roosting spots. It's still strange to sit with her and not hear her old musical purr; in fact, everything about her is quieter and it's still weird for her to be so silent. But it means she is better! She has also put on some much-needed weight so she's off to a great start! Thanks to all who have donated so far, please keep sharing her story and chip in if you can!

Mabel Lap