Work the runway, sweetie – Got the Jimmy Legs

Work the runway, sweetie

Mabel: Supermodel

Three weeks since Mabel got out of the hospital and she's almost completely back to her old self! She is now playing furiously, running around the house, giving the other cats a hard time. Mabel's back!

VIDEO: Watch Mabel scamper around the kitchen

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to chip in a few bucks towards her big bills. We suspect we'll never recoup the entire amount but every little bit helps. It's been very gratifying  to receive donations from friends and strangers alike, makes me think maybe the world is not perhaps as horrible as it seems.

Meanwhile, for Mabel, I can't wait for her fur to grow back, cuz frankly it's freaky to be petting her and suddenly hit this weird bald patch on her throat!

Check out Mabel's photo album for some more videos of her playing frantically!