A star is born – Got the Jimmy Legs

A star is born

I wasn't sure if this was actually going to air but it looks like our ferals will occupy some key footage in an upcoming episode of USA Network's "Character with a Cause." This show documents individuals who are making a difference with some sort of charitable work. The episode in question is all about Bryan Kortis, one of the founders of Neighborhood Cats, he's currently working for PetSmart Charities (who give tons of grants to animal rescue and TNR groups).

While of course entire feature films could be made about our back yard colony, in this case they're background players, "b-roll" footage to illustrate different kinds of managed colonies. As you might expect, in New York many colonies are in parking lots, boardwalks or in vacant plots, so they wanted to get some shots of cats who live in a backyard. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, we were asked to use our yard and our cats!

The filming was a lot of fun, all we had to do is not feed the cats for one meal and they turned out in force when the cameras rolled. I'm not sure how much you'll see our gang in the finished product but in any case it was great to help out.

A few more photos here: Filming the ferals.

Update: Check out the finished promo at USA Network's site! You can see our cats at 9 seconds in and at 18 you see me skritching Motown's chin. I am unsure if this is the final piece or if there will be a longer version. I hope so, since there's lots more footage to show!