Mabel says Thanks! – Got the Jimmy Legs

Mabel says Thanks!


Mabel takes a break from the Turboscratcher

Just a quick note to say we've taken down Mabel's donation link. Paypal actually decommissioned the giving widget program recently so the link probably hasn't worked in a while anyway. Plus it's been up for like 8 months, I think that's long enough! Mabel of course is doing very well still. Last night she slept in the bed with us for the first time pretty much ever. She is still very active and playful, such an amazing change from her pre-surgery self. It's pretty amazing to realize how much cats can endure; Mabel must have felt unwell long before we realized there was a problem but she was still pretty active. Of course, it's nothing compared to her now!

Thanks to all who donated and wished her well!