Friday, June 06, 2003 at 11:24:22 (EDT)

In the dark, all cats are gray
There's been this cat hanging out on my back porch for several weeks. She's wearing a flea collar so obviously at some point she had an owner (or another insane good Samaritan like me), but she doesn't appear to have anywhere to go because she spends countless hours trying to break into the house. When she can't get in, she sits outside and whines. You never heard such an annoying sound, even if you're well-versed in Jim Carrey's work. It's a high pitched monotone bleat, repeated ad nauseum. No, post nauseum. She figured out how to climb on the roof of the porch and spent a good part of last night yowling at me from my bedroom window. It's so piercing that even the other cats leave the room when she starts up. I'm beginning to think if she had an owner, she was not accidentally lost.

I had made up some "Found Cat" flyers, but it's been raining so much I didn't want to put them up. I guess I'll start now that the rain has subsided a little. I just wish there was a single website that everybody knew about for lost or found pets. I might check out Petfinder, but I think that's only for shelters. So my dilemma: do I drop this cat off at BARC and be done with it? I think BARC is a great place, wonderful service to the community, in fact it's where I got Decatur. Do I really want to subject these nice people to the annoyances of this creature? I think her whining could break glass.

Maybe she'll get lucky and somebody will take her. I need to go down to the vet office and put up a flyer, and also the new pet stores that have opened recently. What's up with that? I'm here two years, and within a couple months of each other there are two new pet stores, one on Fulton and one on Dekalb.

In the meantime, if anybody is dying for a little gray cat, you can have her. I've already got two cats, one stray cat that I like having around, plus another house cat set to move in. I'm brushing the line of Crazy Cat Guy, and I don't like it. For what it's worth, when the cat is not locked out, she's really sweet (and silent). I know I'm not selling it very well, but maybe the real owner will get online and search for "gray cat with pink flea collar and annoying voice" and find this.

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New song on MusicBlog: Whay Am I So Nice to You?
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Thursday, June 05, 2003 at 10:08:58 (EDT)

Everything gonna be all right, this morning
I awoke this morning to good news on the radio. How long have I been asleep? As you may recall, the MTA's fare hike was to be put on hold. Here's the new thing:

Mirroring a similar lawsuit on transit fares, a judge Wednesday ordered the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to roll back recent toll hikes and give drivers refunds on its nine bridges and tunnels. [NY1, emphasis mine]

Oh yeah! I never thought I'd see the day. Can you imagine the cars lined up waiting for their refunds? I love it. I'm not much for driving, and I am frequently annoyed by drivers who get in my way while jaywalking, but god bless 'em. They're getting one over on the MTA. That's something that brings us all together.

If that weren't enough, I also hear this: Mayor Announces $90 Million In Restorations To City Services

Did I just fall through a hole in the space-time continuum? Bloomberg did something good? Who is this guy and what has he done with the mayor! Then again, this was the same guy who couldn't wait to yank the 90 million in the first place. And he's clearly pushing this now to garner a little good press before he gets back to disappointing and outraging the citizens of this city.

Finally on NPR, every 10 minutes they have been reminding us how George W Bush flew over Baghdad and was reportedly able to "point out landmarks." Good for you, George! Additionally, you should encourage your propaganda ministers to come up with more inspiring copy.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 at 18:11:25 (EDT)

If god doesn't stop this rain he's going to be very sorry
God I hope this is the end of the rain. It's supposed to rain on Saturday, but Friday seems free and clear so far (cue "you'll be sorry" music).


So as I sign off tonight, I'm sending a shout out to my homie R, as I just found out his birthday is today. Happy birthday! Now your image belongs to the ages.




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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 at 02:29:03 (EDT)

I left my wallet in El Segundo
Just wrote another little ditty and posted it to my music page. Download and listen to it if you like. But please: I cannot take criticism of any kind.

Don't ya hate it when people pull that? Let's admit it, blogophiles, accountability is a major issue for us. We want it from everybody else, but we are loath to give it out. Whoa, I got pretty heavy there for a second, especially considering my new song is called "Please Stop Fucking On My Corpse."

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 18:04:58 (EDT)

Communication Breakdown
Thanks to my idiotic fiddling around with my email settings, I just realized I have not been getting any mail to my main Jimmy Legs account. So if I have seemed distant lately, it's not personal (although when people say it's not personal, that always makes me think it's really personal). I just culled a ton of overripe messages off the server, so I will try to get back to each and every one of you in a flash.

Pretty clever how I made it sound like I have so many people dying to get in touch with me.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 15:22:50 (EDT)

Jimmy Legs and the Angry Inch Guard
Last night I got back into the neighborhood after having dinner with my dad at Hell's Kitchen, a fine restaurant that needs a little help in the hosting department. I met up with A and asked him to take me up on his promise to cut my hair. It was around 10 PM and we were both in various states of intoxication. But he whipped out the clippers and went to town. I wish I had thought to play "Stuck in the Middle with You," a la the ear scene from Reservoir Dogs.

I had been thinking of just shaving my head entirely, you know, to kind of get a jump on what nature is already doing to my pate. But we decided to go with the 1-inch guard on the clippers. If it didn't look good, A said he'd take it all off. But the haircut came out better than expected, if a little choppy in places. What do I care? Worse comes to worst, I am thinking of shaving my head and getting my scalp tattooed with a hairstyle I can live with. Why doesn't anybody do that? Head tattooers are forever getting little designs their hair can easily cover up. Or they do things like this guy.

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Monday, June 02, 2003 at 14:01:39 (EDT)

Kick out the jams (and roommates), motherfuckers!
I got my new scanner today, so you can look forward to gems like these:

Speaking of funny pictures, here's what my room looks like now:

I feel like a squatter. Last night was my first night alone, which was not the never-ending picnic of fun you might think it would be. But I got some good news, my other roommate is moving out, probably by the 15th. I never expected this to happen so quickly, especially considering that it is now exactly one year since she first said, "I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to start looking for a new apartment." Her method of looking has been similar to OJ's method of tracking down the Real Killer.

M's landlord says he'll take the deposit as last month's rent, so by July this abode will be one testosterone-filled, no food-havin', sleeping on the floor, manly kind of total jam factory. M and I are also thinking of taking up quilting.

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