Friday, July 23, 2004 at 11:56:20 (EDT)

Please, can you help me, my deer
Whoa, lookit this. Dori's mom found an orphaned fawn near her house and took it in, whereupon the dog took it upon himself to adopt said deer. This is totally giving Mr Bones a run for his money in the 'cute animal photos' department.

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Friday, July 23, 2004 at 10:29:08 (EDT)

Take this job ... and love it
As I'm sure you all know (since it's pretty much all I've been talking about all week), Motico is playing The Trash Bar tomorrow at 8PM, along with The Coastal Drag, Tear Us Apart, The Quick Fix Kills and Blowfly. As much as I'm trying to hype this show as it's our first-ever Saturday night show, we will have another Saturday night show on August 14 at Pianos.

Saturday night shows have been difficult (if not impossible) for us in the past because Zack's job as a sound engineer meant he had to work most Saturdays (and lately, every other night too). But something has happened that will free up weekends for Motico from now on:

We killed Zack.

No, that's not true. Fact is, Zack got himself a new job! He's trading in his headbands and leather vest of the sound trade for a necktie and possibly a cornflower-blue shirt. Actually he probably won't have to wear that, but I just wanted an excuse to photoshop his head on a shirt and tie. Congratulations Zack! Let's all celebrate at Trash tomorrow!

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Thursday, July 22, 2004 at 15:58:56 (EDT)

Tell it like it is
The Neville Brothers performed at Metrotech today:

I didn't realize that they're actually brothers (Aaron Neville on far right)

Ah, such fun not to be at work!

The crowd was way into the show

Zack wasted no time in cornering another sound guy

Check out the two big tone chambers for the Hammond organ

Sylvia is nonplussed by the warning on the cigarette box

Ah, Brooklyn!

I used my camera to video some of the performance. But I got parnaoid and switched it to the lowest quality setting, so the result is super tiny. But here's The Nevilles doing The Temptations' "Ball of Confusion" (MPG, 4.8MB).

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at 12:53:39 (EDT)

It is our duty to buy that booty

Note commemorative Cleveland Browns towel on left. Represent!

We've tried to be a frugal band, but sooner or later you gotta start shelling out some dough to get what you want. We just received an order or stuff from Musician's Friend. Mostly it's just microphone stands (6 of em!) but we also bought 3 Sennheiser 835 mics to round out our collection. I also bought a guitar stand and strings for myself. We could still use a lot more stuff, but this will do for the time being. We're about to start recording stuff for our eventual album (and 7"), not to mention continuing to hone our incredibly professional live stage show. Yes, you won't be disappointed when you arrive at Trash at 8PM this Saturday. However, it might help if you have a few drinks before you get there. Couldn't hurt!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004 at 12:02:28 (EDT)

Orders from the DA
You guys may remember, I used to live with a guy named MRK. We both played in a band along with a guy named Zack. Well all of that is in the past.

You also might have noticed that recent photographs of a man resembling MRK have been labeled with the moniker "Buzz McKinnon." I take it as a sign of great sophistication on the part of my readership that nobody brought up the seeming incongruity. Why was MRK suddenly Buzz? Well, no one knows, really. But one day one Buzz McKinnon rose from what used to be MRK's bed and he's never looked back. We have embraced and accepted Buzz McKinnon into the fold, and with this new blood, other changes must be made.

It came down the pike the other day from the head office at Buzz McKinnon Productions: Now that Buzz is in the band, all the other band members must comply with their own name upgrades. Using a powerful supercomputer (the iBuzz), the most appropriate names were chosen and applied.

Zack became Schlomo "Smoo" Lipshulz, and I became Arturo Falconetti. Although there has been some grumbling from below, Buzz assures us these names both illustrate and elucidate our innate talents. I'm not really sure why I couldn't just be "Jimmy Legs," but I suppose one more alias could be useful.

An though David Thomas might get pissed, even Mr Bones has received his new identity:

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Monday, July 19, 2004 at 15:44:50 (EDT)

This is what we've waited for

We've been out of the loop for too long! Motico is finally playing again, this Saturday the 24th at Trash in Williamsburg. This is the first time we've actually been able to play a Saturday show, so we'll theoretically be better rested than usual. We're playing with a bunch of other worthwhile bands, but we gotta go on first, so the show starts around 8 PM. In the industry, this is known as "paying your dues." But look at it this way, even if you have other plans this Saturday, you can see the show and still do whatever else you wanted to do. Anyway, you guys gotta check out the refurbished Trash Bar. It used to be Luxx, but with the renovations it has a much better atmosphere. It's like a real music club now instead of that weird faux-lounge thing they were trying to do before.

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Monday, July 19, 2004 at 10:21:16 (EDT)

What's goin' on
While riding my bike around Williamsburg hanging up flyers, I went by the Navy Yards and again was puzzled by what I saw. For over a year now I've noticed a bunch of train cars in the yard that seem really out of place to me. The cars I've been seeing appear to be from Cleveland, Ohio's Regional Transit Authority. This is a commuter line that's somewhere between the subway and the LIRR for Clevelanders.

Note the distinctive 70's era logo

The cars are obviously pretty old, so it's no surprise if they've been put out to pasture. But why here? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think anybody else uses this logo (unless someone out there can tell me differently). The only thing I can think of it maybe Bob Diamond bought them to use for his trolley car initiative in Red Hook (aw crap, forget that, it looks like the city screwed him over).

In other news, Sylvia is back from Berlin! I suspect there shall be another party in our back yard soon to celebrate her return to the USA. Which reminds me, is the Alibi gonna have another pig roast this summer? This time we'll schedule the party around it, so we don't have to try to do both in the same day.

I wound up the weekend in Greenpoint to see Jason Cady and the Artificials perform at Eat Records (which is a kick-ass store for old cheap vinyl!) The Artificials are a little like Enigma-meets-Jethro Tull-Kronos Quartet. Plus a mouth harp.

The Artificials

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Monday, July 19, 2004 at 09:11:55 (EDT)

Watch out for the witch
Walking around the neighborhood Saturday, we spied this artwork in the window of a bodega:

I have to assume that a kid did this (despite the proximity of a big art school nearby). What is this? It's like a penguin-cow-turkey-lion thing. Whatever it is, it kicks ass. I like how the creature appears to have some kind of fetus growing inside it. But the real find was this painting:

The City Witches Return

This is just brilliant. I just hope to god I don't find out that "The City Witches" is some kind of TV show or something. I wanna ask why the witch has only one eye, but then nobody asks Picasso why his figures had only one eye. Because it's Art! And because he's been dead for years.

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Monday, July 19, 2004 at 08:59:36 (EDT)

Gotta get back in time

Matthew and Chris (he hath but a little beard)

Okay, so all that stuff I talked about doing? I didn't do any of it. A friend of mine form high school wandered into town, thus beginning a weekend of nostalgia and inebriation. Well, I was inebriated anyway. Chris' visit prompted getting together with another old high school friend, Matthew, who lives in the East Village. According to my calculations, there are 6 people from my high school class in the city. Not too bad, considering how many of my classmates still live in our hometown.

Matthew's highly trained retriever, Charlie

I guess it's equally strange for anybody to hang out with people you hung out with over a decade ago. Strange because there have been such long stretches of time apart, but also strange because it doesn't feel as strange as you think it's gonna be.

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