Thursday, December 30, 2004 at 12:33:48 (EST)

Who broke my strings? You did! You did!
Thanks to everybody who turned out for Motico's year-ending gig. Turns out all we need to get a good crowd is to play for free on an off-day, and be wayyyy off on the time we say we're gonna go on. We told everybody we were going on at like 9:30-10PM but I don't think we went on before 11. This was due to the fact that The Delancey had scheduled an 'early' show before Death Disco. According to the guy responsible for that show, they had the room until 11. This was really annoying for a couple of reasons. First, all of our friends who showed up on time had to wait around forever for us to go on, and The Delancey is not a particularly cheap place to drink for long periods of time. And second, the early show was charging $10 to get in. Who ever heard of an early show asking for that much money, especially when the late show is free?

Hmm, I seem to be finding a lot of things to complain about when it comes to our shows these days. The show itself went pretty well, considering I have returned to my usual practice of breaking as many strings as possible during a set. My backup guitar broke a string on like the 3rd note of the first song I used it. My new theory: somebody's sabotaging my strings before I perform. Fire up the Detective Computer! We've got a case!

Anyway, enough band banter. Until I get some pix from that, here's some photos of people you may or may not know at Freddy's the other night when NP had some folks in from out of town.

Everybody put on your Drinking Caps!

Professor Matt chastises Heather for not smoking enough

"Lets' see how many of these shot glasses I can fit in my mouth."

Josh isn't going anywhere until he hears all the songs he put on the jukebox

Raj looks eerily similar to my old boss

Freddy's is at its best when it's just us and the barflies

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004 at 13:31:35 (EST)

I drank the entire pot
When I was booking a flight to Cleveland for Christmas this time around, I wasn't dreading it as much as I usually do when planning to leave town. I'm not sure why, maybe I have a soft spot for that town. I grew up near it, not really in its suburbs, more in the "exurbs" which has become a popular term for such cities. That place I don't care if I ever see again, but the Greater Cleveland Area still holds a lot of interest for me.

My trip was a little slanted in that I still had work to do while I was there. Because my sister's house is one of 12 remaining locations in America that does not have broadband internet access, I had to go to the dreaded Starbucks for the first couple of days into my visit to work. This worked out pretty well, the Starbucks was mostly uncrowded, and the people who were there tended towards the AARP set. It seems even in Cleveland the concentration of Starbucks is still far too high; when I told my sister I needed to be dropped off "at the Starbucks near your house" she asked, "Which one?"

While New York made it through Christmas relatively unscathed, Cleveland got hit hard. Snow was everywhere and it was insanely cold most of the time I was there, de-motivating me from venturing far from my basement room with fake fireplace and cable TV. I only had one night to hang out with people I was not related to on one occasion, meeting some folks at another coffee house. This was Arabica, a Cleveland chain that may be feeling the capitalist pressure of the Starbucks juggernaut. This particular coffee house was closing forever that night, so some friends of friends were playing some music to send the place out on a good note. Later we went to a bar in Ohio City where I somehow did not pay for a single drink the whole night. I don't know if this is customary for the natives of this burg or not, but I will not discourage the practice.

The rest of the trip was pretty basic: eating a lot, a screening of Meet the Fockers (it's a dumb movie but a good way to pass time with the family without actually having to talk), more TV, and finally, presents. My nieces got the home version of Dance Dance Revolution, which in practice less resembles the fluid dance stylings one sees on TV and more closely looks like a community theater version of Riverdance. But the kids love it, and I guess it's encouraging that it's so popular. But Americans are still too fat.

I got a new coffee maker, which was sorely needed around the house. Besides the fact the old one leaked water all over the place, I had always felt sorta of guilty that Buzz was always forced to make the morning coffee by virtue of the fact that he gets up earlier than me. But now, assuming I remember to set it, the new coffee maker will automatically kick in so the sleep-addled no longer have to concentrate until later in the day.

I thought I took a lot of pictures on my trip, but as usual it appears that well over 50% of them were of pets.

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