Friday, February 04, 2005 at 15:28:49 (EST)

When will you come home?
Wow, we had a great turnout for our gig last night! Only problem is, we had already finished playing. With an almost cosmic comic timing, a large group of people descended on Sin-e from all directions the moment we stepped outside the club after removing our gear from the stage. We dissuaded everybody from trying to enter the premises since, frankly, we didn't know anything about the other bands, and a show is pretty much over when Motico has left the building. So we all went down to Sin-e's liquor bar on the corner and boozed the night away.

Here's the problem: on Sin-e's calendar we had been listed to go on second, officially at 9pm. At some point in the past couple of days, they changed the band order, putting us on first at 8pm. Despite the implied demerit, we assumed, like every club on the planet, that our 8pm slot was flexible. As we've experienced in the past countless times, the official time designation is almost never correct. Posted performance times work on "anti-bartime," instead of pushing the clock forward, performance times create artificial demand by trying to make people think the show is going on earlier than it really is. In short, since they know people will bide their time and not come out until the last possible minute, clubs routinely lie about what time the bands take the stage.

Take for instance our last show, Death Disco at the Delancey bar. We were told we'd go on at 9:30 only to find out the club had no intention of us going on before 11pm. I think we actually started well after 11, almost 2 hours later than we had been told, and 2 hours later than we had told our friends who had to wait around that whole time. The bar loves this, since these people were buying beer when they otherwise would have been long gone had the show gone on as planned.

Which brings me back to last night. The soundguy at first said we had to start playing at 8:40. Where he got this figure is anybody's guess. I personally thought we'd end up going on at 9, but 20 minutes would be no big deal. Then the guy suddenly insisted we go on immediately (it was about 8:15). We were threatened with the whole "you're eating into your own set time by not starting now," so we played our set to the few people lucky enough to have been there. Or maybe it was us who was lucky that they were there. So despite the confusion concerning moving our band to first on the list, we went on way earlier than anybody had a right to expect. We got the shaft!

Anyway, at least everybody who tried to make the show got copies of our new record. We have put an insane amount of work into this project over the past couple of weeks, so it was nice to see it in people's hands (although it did make for some heart-wrenching moments when people who didn't have turntables just wanted the CD that we inserted, hoping to discard entirely the record and jacket over which we had slaved for days). Now we have to talk to the booking person for Sin-e, as they have a policy of not inviting back bands that don't get a good turnout. The bartender seemed to think it would help our position to complain about the time shift and how early we went on when so many potentially-paying customers did actually show up.

In other news, why not go out for sushi made out of paper! Then see Stupid's last show for a while tonight at the Luna Lounge, in its last month of existence. There'll be latkes for all!

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Thursday, February 03, 2005 at 16:46:20 (EST)

One man works while another relaxes

Don't forget! Tonight is Motico's secret record release show! We don't have our real record jackets in yet so we took the opportunity to try our new screen printing kit. It took a long time to get the hang of it, but well, just look at the highly professional results! Why, that looks good enough to be Usher's next album cover! Sure it does! Anyway, I gotta go cut and fold all these damn things now. Remember, tell the doorguy at Sin-e you're there to see MOTICO and you'll get a free copy of this single, plus a CD that collects not only the single songs but an eclectic mix of solo works by each member of the band! Supplies are limited so come early. We go on by 9 pm. Please try to come out, cuz after all this work it'll be kind of sad if we can't even give all these records away. Also I suspect it will be a long time before we put this much effort into much of anything. Here's some more pictures of the fascinating printing process!

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Monday, January 31, 2005 at 15:03:39 (EST)

None of you can make the grade
Oh boy, I've got a fun week of printing and drug testing ahead of me! Oh did I tell you guys that my job says I have to prove to them I can successfully pee in a cup? Considering that drug testing is really only good for tracing marijuana usage, it's pretty clear that this request, after working for the company for over 4 years, is just a little reminder that I'm just a monkey that must dance on command. Honestly, what good will it do anyone? Oh right, the drug testing company makes out like a bandit on these things.

I wish I could think of some service with which I could convince Corporate America to pay me tons of cash to ne real benefit. Perhaps I could spread a rumor about facial-borne lice infesting the air vents in every skyscraper in the industrialized world, necessitating the services of me and my crack team of mustaches combers. But of course, the mustachioed office folk will have to go out of their way, to one of my special Invasive Mustache Clinics to be tested and treated. After being declared free of 'stachelice, the individual must wear a "No more lice in my mustache!" sticker on their upper lips for at least a week. I think I could really make this work; in my pitch I'll just remind them how this is still less humiliating that urinalysis.

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