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Mr Appleby has left the building

Some of you may have seen this on my Flickr site, but I wanted to post it here as well: Last weekend we lost our senior boy Dimples.

Mabel says Thanks!

Just a quick note to say we've taken down Mabel's donation link. Paypal actually decommissioned the giving widget program recently so the link probably hasn't worked in a while anyway. Plus it's been up for like 8 months, I think that's long enough! Mabel of course is doing very well still. Last night she slept […]

The new kitten cam

It's a little late, but we have a new webcam set up to keep an eye on our foster kittens. However, as of yesterday we only have 2 left, which makes the cam that much less interesting. Still you might catch a couple of kittens on it if you are patient! This camera is an […]

Almost Blue

Among all the many projects we have going at the moment (including fostering a mom with her litter of kittens), we have a troubling situation afoot. Our long-standing feral Blue has been missing for several days.

A star is born

I wasn't sure if this was actually going to air but it looks like our ferals will occupy some key footage in an upcoming episode of USA Network's "Character with a Cause." This show documents individuals who are making a difference with some sort of charitable work. The episode in question is all about Bryan […]