Bad Stuff – Got the Jimmy Legs

Bad Stuff

It's going to be so quiet in here tonight

This morning we put Lefty to sleep. After showing promising improvement since his seizures over the weekend, he took a turn for the worse and we had to say goodbye to him forever. (more…)

The lights look bright when you reach outside

Our foster kitten Lefty may have FIP. He had been recovering from an especially bad upper respiratory illness which required the use of a nebulizer and a battery of meds. He pulled through and seemed almost back to normal by Friday night. After he had some food, he napped on the couch with us. About an hour later he woke up and started acting strange.

His claw was caught in the slipcover, so I thought his movements were related to him trying to wiggle free. But after I released him, he kept wobbling. His pupils were dilated and he couldn't seem to see us. He started wriggling and trying to run across the couch, oblivious to any obstacles or the edge (he almost ran right off). We immediately took a car to VERG, the 24-hour emergency vet in Boerum Hill.

After the fire

Bad fire on the next block, house burned down, damaging at least 3 other houses and killing 2 people. We watched the firemen work, I don't know how they can do that job. Frightening and humbling.

Some more photos here.


I am getting tired of writing posts like these. Last year we lost several cats for one reason or another, and I figured we were done with these stories for a while. But a few days ago we lost another feral, possibly two. (more…)


Mugsy from 2008

Last Sunday night/Monday morning, our feral cat Mugsy was hit by a car and killed. It's been pretty rough this week, coping with the news and trying to make sense of it. Those of you familiar with what we do and this cat in particular know this is no regular loss of cat. (more…)