kittens – Got the Jimmy Legs


Family affair

Last time all the kittens were together

Malibu and her kittens have all moved on! It took just over 3 months, which seems both like a long time and no time at all. There's no time for us to rest, of course, we've already got another foster in the house, another calico! But more on her later. Here's how the family left when they moved out: (more…)

Home where you belong

Adoption Event

We've been participating in North Brooklyn Cats' weekly adoption events when we have cats or kittens to adopt out. It's been an invaluable resource to get our cats seen by an enthusiastic crowd and I don't know where we'd be (or how many more cats we'd still have) without them. (more…)

Buzzer sounds, gotta move


Kirkland Cat Food

We took last week off, my first real vacation from my newish job. It is reassuring to know I can take time off without having to do a ton of work out of the office. My old job demanded I work every day; I'm not sure why I didn't parlay that into a full time work-at-home situation. Anyway despite the presumed free time, we were unbelievably busy the whole week. (more…)

Gone baby gone

And like that, they were gone.

Almost 3 months to the day of their arrival, the last of the colony kittens has gone to his new home. I can hardly believe we moved them all, especially some of the more 'difficult' ones (okay, Elmer). (more…)

Carefully watched for a reason

Elmer Penguin

Elmer imitates a penguin

The taming of the cat continues. We've now had the El-Word Kittens for over 2 months; 3 have been adopted, one sadly died, and 3 remain. They are getting big, as they are between 4 and 5 months old now. Their personalities have emerged, which will either make it harder or easier to part with them when the time comes. Of course with Elmer the tuxedo kitten, we'd have no problem unloading him. In fact, we thought we might have to put him out with the rest of the feral cats in the back yard. Until recently … (more…)