Mabel's Recovery – Got the Jimmy Legs

Mabel's Recovery

Our cat Mabel came from the street a starving, ailing wreck. Our vets often said of her “I don’t know where to begin!” and “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” But with their help, Mabel’s many ailments are being treated and she’s on her way to being better than ever! Follow her progress here and help us help her!

Mabel says Thanks!


Mabel takes a break from the Turboscratcher

Just a quick note to say we've taken down Mabel's donation link. Paypal actually decommissioned the giving widget program recently so the link probably hasn't worked in a while anyway. Plus it's been up for like 8 months, I think that's long enough! Mabel of course is doing very well still. Last night she slept in the bed with us for the first time pretty much ever. She is still very active and playful, such an amazing change from her pre-surgery self. It's pretty amazing to realize how much cats can endure; Mabel must have felt unwell long before we realized there was a problem but she was still pretty active. Of course, it's nothing compared to her now!

Thanks to all who donated and wished her well!

It's a long way down

mabel tree

Mabel at the top of the tree

Mabel's energy levels continue to be through the roof! She climbed to the top of this weird cat tree we have, she's only the second cat ever to reach the summit. She is making up for all that lost time when she was sick by constantly scampering around, chasing all the other cats, and trying to eat everybody's food (she keeps trying to eat our guacamole, what's up with that?)

Mabel's quiet party

Mabel nap

Just Mabel, quietly napping. It's still a wonder to see her lying there, not making the loud snoring sounds she used make all the time.

Work the runway, sweetie

Mabel: Supermodel

Three weeks since Mabel got out of the hospital and she's almost completely back to her old self! She is now playing furiously, running around the house, giving the other cats a hard time. Mabel's back!

VIDEO: Watch Mabel scamper around the kitchen

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to chip in a few bucks towards her big bills. We suspect we'll never recoup the entire amount but every little bit helps. It's been very gratifying  to receive donations from friends and strangers alike, makes me think maybe the world is not perhaps as horrible as it seems.

Meanwhile, for Mabel, I can't wait for her fur to grow back, cuz frankly it's freaky to be petting her and suddenly hit this weird bald patch on her throat!

Check out Mabel's photo album for some more videos of her playing frantically!

Mabel Unchained

Mabel on lap

Mabel: back on the lap

Mabel is now out of her crate and free to roam the house. We kept her locked up both for her safety and because until yesterday we had small kittens. Mabel hates kittens with a passion that can only mean she once was a mother herself 🙂 Whatever the reason, kittens have targets on their back when Mabel is around, so it was safer for everybody if she remained incarcerated.

Once the kittens went to their new home, Mabel was finally freed. She loves having the run of the house again, we keep finding her in unusual places (she was napping on the treadmill earlier, we've never even seen her in that room before!)

Eventually she ended up on my lap, one of her favorite roosting spots. It's still strange to sit with her and not hear her old musical purr; in fact, everything about her is quieter and it's still weird for her to be so silent. But it means she is better! She has also put on some much-needed weight so she's off to a great start! Thanks to all who have donated so far, please keep sharing her story and chip in if you can!

Mabel Lap