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On the outs


Creflo, one of the new guys

My site is working again! Actually, it's been working this whole time, but after the hurricane I wasn't able to post from work. But things are getting back to normal again, so it's time to add some updates! And there has been a lot of stuff to mention, but I'll have to save that for a later post. Expect a rehash of the last few months shortly! It's been pretty nuts; suffice it to say, we're down to 13 cats in the house right now, if that's any indication of what went down over the summer/fall. More soon!

It's going to be so quiet in here tonight

This morning we put Lefty to sleep. After showing promising improvement since his seizures over the weekend, he took a turn for the worse and we had to say goodbye to him forever. (more…)

Candy Apple Gray Boy

Gray Boy on his way to his new home. Again.

We have adopted out another cat! This one is not the run-of-the-mill adoption, it's the adoption of an essentially feral cat.


The only mistake like I made once before

Looking at it now, it seems like a lot of work for something pretty simple

Between dealing with cats and this never-ending oppressive heat, I have been trying to get set up for screen printing again. I am ashamed to admit it's been over 5 years since I last laid squeegee to screen (for Motico's 7" record jackets), and I'm annoyingly rusty. Putting a makeshift print shop back together has been daunting, partially because I'm out of practice and partially because the stakes are sort of higher. (more…)

We called it the wolfpack

I think my windows are dirty on the inside. I didn't think it was possible but it's the only explanation. And it doesn't seem too far-fetched, considering they are the cheapest, whitest, vinyliest windows that almost no money can buy. Thus I believe the seal has broken and schmutz is accumulating between the double-hung panes. After taking a bunch of window-cleaning advice under advisement and still being unable to get the windows clean, this can be the only explanation.

I promise never to write so much about window cleaning again. But when you've spent as much time on it as I have over the past 5 days, you start finding really dumb stuff fascinating.

The result of all my work: slightly cleaner home and a big scab on my head from a tilt-in window that smashed me on the head. I'm trying to convince people that I received the injury while head-butting a Nazi skinhead at a Judge show, but I'm pretty sure they broke up when I was still in high school. Plus no one would believe it anyway.

Next exciting project: cleaning the basement! Well, yes, but there's an interesting reason for fixing up the cellar: my triumphant return to screenprinting! More on that once i move all the cat shelter materials off my worktable.

Extra reference: Paradise Exteriors – Hurricane windows.

ooh i wonder if i still have that apron