Got the Jimmy Legs

Moe Problems


Moe, from the gene pool that brought you "Jake" and "Marbles"

Meet Moe. Because we're TNR-certified, we get email alerts when an eartipped cat comes into Animal Care & Control. Normally this happens when a person traps a feral cat and brings the cat to the pound. When they see the eartip, they know the cat is fixed and may belong to a managed colony. Shelter workers then send word to Neighborhood Cats (the main TNR resource in NYC and beyond) who tries to determine who the cat belongs to. If they can find the original TNR person, they can reunite them with the cat. If they can't find anyone willing to claim the cat, it will be put down almost immediately since it is feral. In these cases the cat's eartip is the only thing that gives it a stay of execution at all; the shelter can barely handle all the tame animals it houses, you can imagine its attitude towards unowned, unsocialized cats with zero adoptability. Read More »

It's a long way down

mabel tree

Mabel at the top of the tree

Mabel's energy levels continue to be through the roof! She climbed to the top of this weird cat tree we have, she's only the second cat ever to reach the summit. She is making up for all that lost time when she was sick by constantly scampering around, chasing all the other cats, and trying to eat everybody's food (she keeps trying to eat our guacamole, what's up with that?)

Mabel's quiet party

Mabel nap

Just Mabel, quietly napping. It's still a wonder to see her lying there, not making the loud snoring sounds she used make all the time.

Gold star for robot boy


Stymie, in treatment

Stymie has been separated from the other cats for 5 months. After living in the house for several years, we decided we finally had to make a serious attempt at taming him. He's always been an odd duck, we suspect he's a little slow (even for a cat), so he has trouble figuring things out that other cats master in seconds. He's doesn't understand people, and is frankly not so hot with cats, either. He clearly wants to be friends with them but he doesn't know how to do it. He's only had a few who understood him through the years, the rest of the time he's off by himself.

kitten stymie

Stymie as a kitten

We have been using the patented Elmer Method, isolating him so his only social interaction is with humans (okay occasionally we let other cats in to visit him). He's only fed when we're with him and for a few months now I have been slowly trying to pet him while he eats. This is a cat who has never been touched by humans before (save for his neutering). It's been slow going, it took a long time for him to just eat with my hand near the plate, let alone trying to touch him! Read More »

Work the runway, sweetie

Mabel: Supermodel

Three weeks since Mabel got out of the hospital and she's almost completely back to her old self! She is now playing furiously, running around the house, giving the other cats a hard time. Mabel's back!

VIDEO: Watch Mabel scamper around the kitchen

Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to chip in a few bucks towards her big bills. We suspect we'll never recoup the entire amount but every little bit helps. It's been very gratifying  to receive donations from friends and strangers alike, makes me think maybe the world is not perhaps as horrible as it seems.

Meanwhile, for Mabel, I can't wait for her fur to grow back, cuz frankly it's freaky to be petting her and suddenly hit this weird bald patch on her throat!

Check out Mabel's photo album for some more videos of her playing frantically!