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I first had my suspicions when I saw Pinky hanging out with that blue-eyed charmer, a tomcat who had been skulking around the yard in recent months. Then she started looking fat. Then she showed up looking really thin and weak. Today she brought a kitten up to my second story window.

By my estimation, the kitten is about 2 weeks old. Pinky is even smaller than Decatur, so you'll have to imagine the scale. This is one small ball o fur.

Settling down in my laundry for lunch.

Aw, such maternal instinct! Actually, if it's instinct there's no reason to find this cute at all.

It gets even less cute when Pinky abrubtly stops licking her progeny and turns around and basically sits on the kitten for a minute.

So anybody want a cat(s)? I'll give ya $5 too.


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