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After lounging around with her kitten yesterday, Pinky decided to go outside to use the neighbor's yard as a litterbox. Then she wandered out of the yard. A few minutes later, she returned carrying a little white ball in her mouth. It was another kitten. She had left the poor thing alone all day while she secured her position in my closet. At first I wondered how she could desert her kitten for most of the day, but soon I had my answer. The new kitten is annoying. It keeps wandering all over the place, mewling with a similar pitch and frequency as Pinky's own inimitable whine. Plus this kitten is a little messed up. Its right eye was gunked over with matted fur (at first it looked like it didn't even have an eye in there. But I managed to cut off the mat and wiped its eye out somewhat. But it clearly has some kind of conjunctivitis, just the sort of thing I dread bringing into my home. But the resident cats are so freaked out by the kittens, they won't get within arm's reach of the nest. I just hope there aren't any more kittens out there waiting to come inside.

With another kitten in the mix, competition becomes the name of the game.

Pinky keeps lying around with her mouth open, winking at me. I think she looks like Peter Murphy on the cover of his "Holy Smoke" album:

I have no idea why I thought of that. I haven't listened to that guy in years.

It's hard to see here, but the white kitten can't open her right eye at all. I hope the vet can provide some medication to solve this problem before it spreads to the other kitten, or the other cats. If I didn't know better, I'd say Mr. Bones was the father, given the white kitten's markings. But Mr. Bones decided to have himself fixed to control the pet population. Bravo.

When they're a little stronger, both cats will need a bath or something. They're kind of filthy. So my updated pitch: anybody want a pair of kittens, or their mother, or a combination thereof? I'm putting up $5, a big wet kiss, and a bowl of my delicious papaya salsa. Let's play ball!

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