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Call that a bargain

We recently completed a new TNR project in Bushwick. This time around we went to the opposite end of the neighborhood, up where all the bars and restaurants are.

We're having much more fun

Now that the kittens are well-established in their new homes, we have turned to new projects. One project was getting cats rounded up for a friend's spay/neuter clinic. We knew there were a couple of unfixed ferals visiting our front feeding station (windowsill) so we set the strap up this past weekend. Imagine our surprise […]

We'll be fighting in the streets

Just when we thought we couldn't handle one more thing, our neighbor informed us she had been seeing 2 new small kittens in her yard. Since we had already taken 5 kittens from her I couldn't think of a way to refuse. So I went and get them. These kittens are much younger than the […]

It's hard to stay one step ahead

We've hit the one-week mark with the kittens, but it feels like it's been months already. For a week, they've come along very well, but they mostly aren't ready for prime-time yet. We decided to separate two of the kittens from the group, as their aggressive antics were having a negative effect on the progress […]

All or nothing at all [?]

Harlem was a cat rescued by Empty Cages Collective from Animal Care & Control. He was positive for Feline Leukemia. Normally these cats are killed even though they may not be ill at that time. Harlem (and several other Felv+ cats) lived at the ECC space waiting for adoptions, one of the only places in […]