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Almost Blue

Among all the many projects we have going at the moment (including fostering a mom with her litter of kittens), we have a troubling situation afoot. Our long-standing feral Blue has been missing for several days.

Look What Happened to Mabel

Update: Please visit Mabel's Donation Page to help! Mabel just got home from the vet's. Again. Mabel has had a variety of health problems in the relatively brief time that we've had her, and the phrase we hear most often from her various doctors is "I've never seen anything like this." And it's not just one […]

You like what you see

As always, we have a bunch of cats looking for homes. Check them out, maybe you see something you like?

On the outs

My site is working again! Actually, it's been working this whole time, but after the hurricane I wasn't able to post from work. But things are getting back to normal again, so it's time to add some updates! And there has been a lot of stuff to mention, but I'll have to save that for […]

Drive away to Malibu

We mostly try to focus on TNR, finding colonies of feral cats and getting them all fixed up and returned. When we leave, everything is essentially the same, but the cats do not reproduce and are (we hope) healthier and happier than before. This solves one part of the multi-faceted problem of cat population control. […]