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Ten years after

This day, ten years ago, we had a pretty crazy blackout in the city (and some other, lesser places). I'll never forget where I was when the lights went out: in the exam room at Clinton Hill Veterinary Clinic. I was getting two young kittens examined.

The new kitten cam

It's a little late, but we have a new webcam set up to keep an eye on our foster kittens. However, as of yesterday we only have 2 left, which makes the cam that much less interesting. Still you might catch a couple of kittens on it if you are patient! This camera is an […]

Hello I must be going

We adopted out 10 cats in 5 months, not bad!

Haven't we met before

Now that 2012 is over, I can finally sort some of it out. The year included venturing into new territory, primarily the world of animal rescue. I mean, sure, we've helped street cats for many years now, but always stayed separate from what most rescue groups do: get animals out of the city pound. We […]

Family affair

Malibu and her kittens have all moved on! It took just over 3 months, which seems both like a long time and no time at all.