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Last Sunday night/Monday morning, our feral cat Mugsy was hit by a car and killed. It's been pretty rough this week, coping with the news and trying to make sense of it. Those of you familiar with what we do and this cat in particular know this is no regular loss of cat.

Keep those balls in the air

The last couple of weeks took an extra helping of crazy, all of it a logical result of several things I set in motion recently. Briefly, after a recent drought, I suddenly had more work than I knew what to do with, between freelance, temp and contract jobs. I'm still in the midst of this, […]

Let you brush my matted fur

An issue that doesn't get much attention in the feral cat world is what to do with feral cats as they age. There is necessarily a focus on getting the word out about TNR and getting the community to accept it as the only reasonable solution to the feral cat problem, but not much is […]