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Haven't we met before

Now that 2012 is over, I can finally sort some of it out. The year included venturing into new territory, primarily the world of animal rescue. I mean, sure, we've helped street cats for many years now, but always stayed separate from what most rescue groups do: get animals out of the city pound. We […]

Letter to Amy Paulin

Amy Paulin New York State Assembly, 88th District 700 White Plains Rd. Suite 252 Scarsdale, NY 10583 914-723-1115 Ms. Paulin, I don't know much about how legislation works in Albany but I suspect you may not know what it's like down in the 'trenches' of animal rescue. While you may think bill A05449A will help animals, […]

Count the things you haven't got

Lots has been happening in the real world! Currently, we're working on our 3rd bottle-baby kitten of the year! Lefty, above, was brought into our vet's while we were there for another cat. The guy who found him was clueless about kittens, let alone a days-old kitten with a cold. The vet examined him for […]