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Come on in and cover me

I am obsessed with shelter. Mine and the feral cats we watch over. Luckily, my house, however unkempt and run-down, is pretty sturdy. I get antsy when I worry that the skylight may not be watertight, or the cellar may be taking on water. But so far we've been lucky (well, we did have a […]

We're having much more fun

Now that the kittens are well-established in their new homes, we have turned to new projects. One project was getting cats rounded up for a friend's spay/neuter clinic. We knew there were a couple of unfixed ferals visiting our front feeding station (windowsill) so we set the strap up this past weekend. Imagine our surprise […]

It's warm inside

With the kittens out of the house I have more time to obsess over whether or not our feral cats are warm enough. It just started snowing this morning so I'm glad I spent the weekend working on our new project: reusable insulating beds for the outdoor shelters. Or, "Sleeping bags for cats."