About Me

I Live In:
New York City
Eldert St
My House

I Work At:
Large Faceless Corporation
Web Design
Graphic Design

I Have Cats

Jimmy Legs is:
Not my Real Name
Taken from "Seinfeld"

Also refers to a line in Billy Budd

About This Site

At some point in the past, I gave up trying to work my hacked guestbook script into a functioning blog and went back to Blogger. The archives don't really work, and are not compiled by the new script, and none of the old comments work. I keep telling myself I'll fix them at some point, but until then they are lost to history. Anyway, my life these days is a lot different than in my headier, bloggier days. I used to live in Clinton Hill, where I like to think I was the first to blog about said neighborhood. At the time i was a contractor who worked from home. This meant I spent pretty much every waking hour in Clinton Hill, and the blog reflected that. It also meant I had a lot more free time to do stuff.

In the last couple of years, those big changes that tend to crop up have rendered me a decidedly different person. I now live in an actual house in the Bushwick side of Brooklyn, with my girlfriend Jeannie. We have roughly a million cats that we take off the street, rehabilitate, then try to adopt out to decent folks (please lemme know if you want a cat or three). I still work at the same company, but am now a full time employee, which partly means I have to devote a lot more time to my tedious work. I no longer work from home, so I haven't gotten to spend as much time in my new neighborhood. this irks me, but if not for the full time job, I would certainly not be in this house, even if it means I have to dole out time spent there.

Meanwhile I'm still trying to get out to see bands, and play music, as I did in the past. It's not that it's getting harder to do this, exactly, it's just that bands are getting lamer (yes, that's it). It is getting harder to find good bands in this town, not to mention finding places that are tolerable to see them in. Where in the past I mostly went to bars to see bands, these days the only place you are most likely assured of having a good time is in semi-legal spaces secreted throughout brooklyn. These spaces are hard to keep up with, as they change often and close without warning. Even with a couple of them in my own neighborhood, I find it difficult to stay on top of things. But I'm trying.

This city is already very different that it was when I moved here in 2000. But I guess I'm pretty different, too (I barely recognized myself in the photo that used to be on this page, so I took it down). This is probably the nature of this city, we're always trying to find a way to keep our heads above water. Is it working? You got me.



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