Friday, November 15, 2002 at 10:23:33 (EST)

In which it's time to start sweating about it again
Haven't discussed M. Bloomberg in a while and his proclivities for ruining everybody's good time. So now he is cracking down on the cabaret license thingy. I am sensing a trend here. First it was smoking, then noise, and now dancing. We already know he cut out glass & plastic recycling. My God, this man is the most Anti-Partying Mayor we've seen since DeWitt Clinton! He just doesn't want to let New Yorkers get our swerve on! The Beastie Boys were right! We WILL have to fight for our Right to Party. I bet Bloomberg must have been that guy at every party, who stands off in the corner, pretending to appreciate the lame art poster on the wall, while not talking to anyone or having any fun. Hmmm, this bears a striking resemblance to my own behavior at parties. Augh! I hope former slights to my person do not create in me an overcompensating desire to make huge gestures later on to make up for whatever I feel is lacking in my life at the time. Somebody needs to send Bloomberg to a shrink, let him get these issues off his chest and stop turning them into policy. I think the mayor of New York should be selected only from the populations of Hell's Kitchen and possibly the Lower East Side. These are the people who have a clear understanding of the city, and the limitations of human ability.

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Thursday, November 14, 2002 at 23:38:19 (EST)

In which I lament the wearing out of shoes
Just a quick note to point out that the new Century 21 Shoe store is open for business! I'm a little concerned that this high-profile location will draw too much attention to the low low prices, but it appears to be worth it. I stopped by yesterday on my way home, and it's way bigger than the old secret basement location, and had tons of weird-enough shoes to please me. I got yet another pair of Steve Maddens and a pair of something called Born Shoes. I was hurtin' for new shoes, especially since I will be going into the office more often. Well, a little more often. As we all know, this town wears out shoes quickly, and even the sturdiest shoes I own are showing signs of age.

My oldest pair of shoes still in regular use are the steel-toed work shoes I bought at the Lancaster, Ohio Salvation Army Store in 1997. They were already old and beat up when I got them (for $3), but they have served me well ever since. Until last weekend, that is. The back seams are splitting. My friend A tells me I can get them sewn up at a shoe repair shop, maybe I'll try that this weekend. I spent an hour online the other day trying to figure out what brand they are. There is no evidence on the shoe; the only thing on it with a brand name is the sole: MIRAGUM. I looked the name up online and could only find one entry, which was of no real use other than to confirm they don't make this stuff anymore.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 15:01:48 (EST)

Ah, much better!
A restorative lunch with J has made the remainderof the workday bearable. That and the two Harps I imbibed while at the fashionable John Street Bar. Now I await the bestowal of high-security clearance so that I may relieve my boss of one more thing he used to do. I am basically doing all of the stuff he used to do. I'm not sure what he does now. I can hear him in the next cubicle, making fun of New Jersey. Sure, it's fun, but he lives on Long Island. Well, I guess JErsey is worse. They do have that neat lightrail transit system in Jersey City. That's something.

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They printed my letter! See if you can figure out which one it is

Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 13:02:04 (EST)

How do people do this everyday?
I'm in the office right now, and I just gotta say, I'm out of practice. This blows! It's just like working at home, but with none of the good things about it. I am gonna meet J for lunch, so it will be good experience at what real people do during their days. But it'd still be easier to stay home and take the subway to meet him lunch. I should try that sometime.

I also just realized how bad this Blog looks in Internet Explorer. Don't use it folks! Mozilla is much more forgiving to my inconsistent code! I need to work on this later.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 22:09:31 (EST)

In which I encounter a creepy Times Square
Had dinner with my Dad last night. He comes to town all the time for his consulting job, so we usually get together for dinner. We keep saying that someday we'll do something else instead of just eating when we meet up, but I never get enough notice to plan anything. It's good to see him and hang out for a little while, but he always stays in midtown near Times Square. I never thought I'd spend so much time in that hell hole. Last night was different though, somehow. After we ate at Cinnabar, I walked down to the 42nd Street Station, purposefully walking down Broadway. It was really warm last night, and there were few tourists on the streets. It kind of had the effect of that scene in Vanilla Sky when Tom Cruise runs around Time Square and it is completely deserted. This was better, because it was dark out, so all the weird light show crap dominated. There's something about Times Square that really needs there to be a constant surging mass of loser tourists stumbling through to justify its existence. When it's empty, it's like the country has left the house with the TV still on. Creepy.

At the restaurant, we were sitting next to a table of 3 young women and 3 older men, all of Asian descent. The women all sat on one side of the table, facing the 3 men. I spent the whole night trying to determine if they were 3 sets of fathers and daughters ... or if this was a triple date. Dad noted that all the women appeared to be over 18, so there's no telling really. I couldn't tell if any of the women resembled the men, who were at least old enough to be their fathers. Again, creepy.

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One example of why NYC is cool [photo]

Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 00:32:56 (EST)

In which I speak about dogs with no authority whatsoever
So, in a mere few weeks doing this blog thing, I have achieved the greatest possible networking goal a man could ask for: I have been asked to emcee the Fort Greene Dog Costume Contest next year. Yes, all shall envy me this high profile position in the community. Troubled teenagers will seek out my special blend of guidance. Mothers will name their sons and daughters after me.

I feel a little weird about accepting this honor, due to the fact that I have no dog, and haven't since I was 14. B has been whining for us to get a dog since we moved here, despite the amount of money and attention required. Someday I do intend to get a dog of my own, but I need to be able to give it decent life. I always wonder how dogs in this city are treated; I am sure many are cooped up in tiny apartments all day while their owners are away, possibly drunk, and carousing with other dogs they meet. For shame, poor dog owners! What about the lonely pooch you left tied to the short leg of the kitchen table? Still, there must be others like me, with a garden apartment, and a job that requires almost no physical presence. Maybe I should adopt a mongrel. Ah, but the cats would never hear of it. They have a hard enough time dealing with each other, never mind another animal of the quadruped persuasion. When my boss buys me the brownstone of my dreams, I swear I will go to BARC and pick out a worthy mutt. Which reminds me, who are these people out buying dogs from specialty breeders, like they were registering a china pattern at Sak's? I guess the show dog people can do that, but people who just want pets really need to get off the purebred bandwagon and get over to the dog shelters. I am proud to say that both of my cats were plucked from the mean streets and given far more than they deserve in the way of creature comforts. Plus, I am always taking care of Freddie, the stray who lives in my backyard and kills vermin for a living. For shame, purebreed-enthusiasts! Haven't you ever heard of 'hybrid vigor'? My mulatto-pets will bury you all!

Another good thing about this blog is its ability to attack unseen critics who have no ability to respond in kind. Take that!

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