Friday, June 13, 2003 at 13:59:49 (EDT)

Londonderry Air
Not feeling real brilliant today, so let's look to the future:

Tonight, it's BUTZ at Pianos. They are a friend-of-a-friend's band, should be really bizarre. They are drums, keyboards/guitar, and trumpet. I cannot in any way explain what they sound like. I suppose Captain Beefheart fans may be interested, but that's not a comparison. I don't know what I'm saying.

Saturday: Blackalicious at Prospect Park. Then after that I gotta haul it up to 109 St. for a party to reconnect with some long-lost friends. We'll see how long I make it. Just thinking about the subway ride is wearing me out. I'm pretty sure I'm a candidate to get 'rolled' when I've fallen asleep on the train late at night. Usually I avoid trouble by going no more than 5 stops away on the train. But heading back from that Columbia area all the way to Clinton Hill is gonna give me ample time to nod off. I should get some No-Doz.

Sunday: The long-awaited, previously abortive recording session. We have some of the most brilliant minds in music lined up to record us on Sunday. That is to say, we'll be recording ourselves. We'll be nailing down some of our newer songs on the Quattro, so we can actually hear what everybody is doing on a given song.

Is it as foggy everywhere in town as it is outside my Brooklyn window? There is literally a mist rolling by.

"Stick to the road, lads. Beware the moors!"

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Thursday, June 12, 2003 at 15:55:00 (EDT)

Drew a diagram of the perfect feeling
Oy, did everybody go on vacation without telling me? It's a ghost town in here. And everything I'm pitching is gold, gold I tell you!

For something more impressive, check out this Honda commercial. I don't like cars but I do like to see them dismantled for use as a Rube Goldberg construction. That kicks ass. Note that it's shot all in one take! It's like the opening scene of Touch of Evil for our generation. [via the 646 Guy]

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Thursday, June 12, 2003 at 13:58:22 (EDT)

Is this love that I'm feelin'?
I can't take it anymore. These online personals things are going to bring about the apocalypse. Now that I'm a single kinda guy, the world of the unattached has been announcing itself with ever-louder clearings of the throat. Of course, I'd seen these personal ads cluttering up the sidebars of many sites I frequent, but only recently have I realized how evil they are. Now, I love the Internet, I think it's just dandy, but god help me if I ever sign up on one of these online dating services. I signed up on Friendster the other day, with some trepidation, but it seems harmless enough (and free). Plus I managed to connect with an old friend of mine in San Francisco (hi Beth!), so it's worth something I guess. But these Nerve personals are lowering the bar for any of us who have hope we might find somebody who can stand us for 5 minutes (let alone 5 years). I liken them to those dumbass reality shows that deal with love like a commodity that can be bought and sold, revoked or rewarded.

Today's example is not the most egregious I've seen, but it keeps popping up on Salon and The Onion. There's a picture of a nice young woman, with this sample from her profile:

Why you should get to know me: "Because I make killer chocolate chip cookies that go great with cold beer."

Something really bugs me about this. Maybe cuz it smacks of trying to anticipate what a man must be looking for, i.e., a woman who can cook and knows men like beer. Hey, she's really onto something! Who eats cookies and beer? Bleah, sounds like a one-way ticket to driving the porcelain bus. Is it really a good idea to reduce a person's personality into bite-sized phrases and fill-in-the-blank responses ("A LAWN DART is sexy; A PRAIRIE DOG WITH MONKEYPOX is sexier")? It all seems like the last bastion of desperate measures. I mean, I'm sure people meet and fall in love through these things, but it seems to me they're the ones actually working against the system.

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Thursday, June 12, 2003 at 10:11:13 (EDT)

In dreams...You're my DJ
I had a dream in which I met Soterios Johnson. That's right, the guy on NPR who always sounds a little annoyed at having to be up so early. It must be from sleeping through the radio alarm every morning that implants these NPR figures into my brain. In my dream, Mr. Johnson was African-American. I looked up his bio on the WNYC site, and it turns out he's Greek. He totally doesn't look like his voice, I'd rather keep thinking of him as he appeared in my dream.

This habit of sleeping through the radio alarm is not new for me. I have had many an NPR-influenced dream throughout the years. The best one was a dream in which NPR had decided to give up talk tadio and become a music-only station. The problem was they had no full songs to play, only the brief song 'bumpers' you hear in between stories. So the deejay was playing these snippets, never prepared for how quickly they end, and so he'd suddenly be afloat on dead air and have to struggle to get a new tape on the machine. I still think that's funnier than any of the NPR sketches they did on SNL in the past.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 at 23:20:46 (EDT)

You're always happy, happy
Yes, another lovely evening passes with me sequestered in my rooms, banging out another song. This new one is, for pretty much the first time since this thing started, not a pessimistic treatise on why people who are mean to me are jerks. That's right folks, Jimmy Legs wrote a relatively happy song. I was talking to A earlier tonight and he mentioned all the songs I've been writing lately, and, not to put too fine a point on it, told me "Maybe you should think about writing about something else now." So this song, while still mired in the same stuff as the others is a thematic departure. I am expecting to start writing songs about things that have nothing to do with my breakup, as soon as I can think of anything else that gets me as worked up. What rhymes with "Ashcroft"?

So who wants to see Blackalicious in Prospect Park Saturday night? Smart rap is indeed hard to come by, so this gig shouldn't be missed. The only downside is Mos Def was originally scheduled to appear, but we must take the bitter with the sweet.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 at 15:27:51 (EDT)

Pinky's gotta go
For those of you who don't believe how annoying this little cat can be, I've recorded a little audio of her outside my second story window, yowling in the most plaintive voice you ever heard.

Sound of cat outside window, howling (0:18, 293K)



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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 at 13:59:19 (EDT)

Hunting High and Low
Since Google seems to be indexing my site again, I thought I'd finally put a search function in here. I don't quite get it, though. I tried a few test searches and it apparently doesn't completely cover the site yet. But if you get here from a search engine and the page has been updated, you might be able to find what you're looking for through the search box.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 at 12:01:13 (EDT)

Paris or Split
Again I must sing the praises of the Naked Angels "Tuesdays at 9" reading series. M and I went again last night, and again I was majorly impressed by the talent in that room. While not everything hits its mark (I still can't make heads or tails of the musical about firefighters and September 11th), everybody gives the material a shot, so it's all enjoyable. There were more famous and semi-famous people this time, including Jamey Sheriden, Kenneth Lonergan, and Cintra Wilson, who may very well be my ideal woman. If you saw You Can Count on Me, you might recognize Lonergan in the fidgety priest cameo. Last night he performed as Thomas Alva Edison and pretty much played the character the same way. Well, his strengths lie elsewhere.

Now it seems the problem with the readings is that too many people are showing up to fit in the Screening Room's little theater. Maybe they should make a deal with The Zipper or something. The musical guest last night was David Clement, who played two songs about getting dumped. He even prefaced his performance with "At the risk of becoming known as 'that guy who got dumped', here's another song about getting dumped." Ah, a man after my own heart. I have been noticing that the only kind of music I want to listen to these days is the sort that deals with breakups and broken hearts. Lucky for me there is no short supply of such songs, and most of Clement's stuff seems to be about this subject. I talked to him about his breakup and managed to bring up my own breakup-songwriting connection. He told me I should be in therapy.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 15:28:55 (EDT)

Of Enon, Brainiac, Orchestraville and my one night stand
Thanks to gentle but persistent reminding from Jim, I am now listening to a lot of Enon. They are not only a band I should have been listening to more often, but a band I have no excuse as to why I avoided getting to know them better. See, Enon is fronted by John Schmersal, a guy I went to college with. But I'm finally coming around to it: it's dope! Shows how much I know that I was not even aware there is now a woman in the band, Toko Yasuda. It's really good stuff, although those little Radio Shack bleeps still show up from time to time.

This goes on for quite a while, so I moved it to its own page.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 10:55:18 (EDT)

Here comes indie street cred
Thanks to Jim for the nod on his sterling Art of the Mix site. I feel a little funny about it, since my music page is not exactly related to mix tapes, although please feel free to use any of my stuff for that purpose. Some of the shorter songs might work well as bumpers between other, more polished work by artists who do this for a living. In fact, use it for anything. Tell your friends you wrote it! Annoy the neighbors (works for me). I suppose I should get all tense about copyrights, but really, who cares? In the meantime, if you haven't checked lately, keep visiting my music page if you are so inclined. I've posted some more stuff lately. I swear you'll hear something you like eventually.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 10:42:47 (EDT)

Between the bars ... we were out smoking
One minute before the Elliott Smith show finally started last night I was ready to bolt. We had dragged ourselves up to Williamsburg at 7:30 and by that point it was nearly a quarter after 11. That's the same amount of time it took me to write my concept album! I was really starting to think they couldn't find the guy, and were trying to cover by very slowly setting up the stage, first the chair, then the drums, then the guitar, then his bucket of beer. The opening guy was like every Open Mic Night guy's wet dream, getting to open for a famous guy, getting a huge audience because of it, and getting to bore us with his banal urban folk tunes. Eh, the guy seemed nice enough, but his vocalizations were a little too similar to Billy Corgan's for my liking. So we were all tense, and annoyed, and it seemed like the night was dragging on forever. But Mr. Smith finally showed up and as soon as he started in, all was forgiven.

After that my only complaint was the crowd that insisted on hooting a lot and shouting out requests like they were trying to get a waiter's attention. But little could besmirch his set. Has that guy ever written a bad song? I don't know why I like his stuff so, I've never been into the solo singer-songwriter thing. Well, I mean, not until I started listening to Elliott Smith. Somebody pointed out after the show that he's about as close as we Yanks come to Nick Drake, which I think is pretty accurate. Just hope things wind up better for Elliott Smith.

Highlight of the evening outside of the show: Scotty the Blue Bunny (sporting an incrongruous mustache) showing up and trying to use his rabbity wiles to get into the show. It did not work. As he walked away in his sheer bunny costume, g-string all-too visible, he shouted to no one in particular, "I'm not gay!"

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Monday, June 09, 2003 at 11:08:05 (EDT)

Don't Post When Drunk (this post was recovered)
I can't believe this is only the 9th. This weekend somehow stretched out into infinity, making my job seem especially insignificant this dreary Monday morning. This weekend has been full of boozin', floozin' and self-abusin'. To some degree or another. Friday I abused myself most of the daylight hours preparing my home to be infiltrated by strangers. I cleaned the whole apartment, plus I cut the grass (well, hacked at it with a scythe is more accurate), and made a bunch of food. The party was my friend A's idea initially, yet he was strangely absent from the preparations (and now that I think of it, the cleaning up as well ... hmmm). But he did invite a lot of the people who showed up. More impressive than that was the number of old chums who came out of the woodwork for this affair. I think I can safely say I'll keep in better touch this time around. I know a lot of goofballs as it happens.

Karma was on our side, as Friday was the only day not saturated by the rain they should rightfully be getting in the parched southwest. As you know, the rest of the weekend was not so kind (though it seems the sun came out yesterday but I was in a basement all day). The apartment sustained no real damage during the party, but the guests were like a vacuum. They drank everything that had alcohol in it (like even the vanilla extract) and they ate everything that might have been food. This was cool but at 4 in the morning I hoped for something to stave off the hangover and found only that thing I bought that was supposed to be cheese, tapenade and sun-dried tomatoes, all cobbled together in a jello-mold shape.

Saturday found me catatonic. I tried writing a song but got stuck trying to rhyme "King Fucking Midas" with something. I was out of it until I got to the Alibi. Then M and I attended another party, at the lovely home of a sound engineer who had many suitable-for-framing-style old microphones on display around the house. I bet Steve Albini does this too. We hung out on the roof during the 3 minutes it wasn't raining, and proceeded to get some payback for my party by eating everything we could get our hands on.

Sunday was to be our big band recording day, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to do the one thing we had set aside Sunday to do. Frustration set in. The only solution: Corona. That helped for a little while, like always.

The fruits of the weekend are two more songs on the Music Blog. I'm trying to write as much as possible and get it posted. Is anybody else doing this? There's some of it on Papa M's site (who if you don't know 'was the guy in Slint'), but I wanna find more people who obsessively write songs and then post them in a low-level form of exhibitionism, as you see here. My next question is, should I post the lyrics along with the songs? I got one semi-request for that, so you know I'm gonna do it. I just like to pretend there is a dialogue going on.

Okay, okay, I'll do it.

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