Thursday, July 03, 2003 at 15:27:04 (EDT)

Feelin' high, high, high ...
Just popped over to Metrotech to see Steel Pulse. These guys have been around forever. There are more good shows this summer, like the JB's (you know, of "James Brown and the JB's") and Jimmy Cliff.

I don't think I've ever
seen a bigger dreadlock.

M prepares to get
his skank on.

And no, ladies, he ain't
a fer real cowboy ...

Mr. Bones wanted to go. He even found a
makeshift Rasta hat. We were not fooled.

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Thursday, July 03, 2003 at 09:48:11 (EDT)

Git along, lil Bonesy, it's your misfortune and none of my own
While we were practicing last night, one of the cats (probably Hubcap) opened the back screen door. All the cats made a break for it, including Mr. Bones, who has never been outside unsupervised. Panic set in as we searched the back yard. But he was nowhere in sight (and if you've met him, you know how much he'd stand out).

We started walking around the block to see if he'd pop up somewhere. M asked the neighbors if they had seen any big fat white cats strolling by. This prompted the little old lady who lives two doors down to tell us "Every morning a white cat walks right in front of the house." She seemed quite fixated on this, and kept repeating it. We continued on to the community garden that connects to our yard, but there was no cat in evidence. M continued around the block and I went back to the house. On the way I found A talking to the neighbors and patiently listening to the story about the white cat that walks in front of the house every morning. I went to the yard and found Mr. Bones wandering along the back fence, looking very much like a heifer out to pasture.

We went out to wait for M to get back, trying to think of what to tell him ("He was in the bathtub the whole time!", "We saw the neighbor's dog and he had white fur around his mouth, and looked sated and happy.") But we figured he'd had enough stress. A wanted to scam on the cute women who moved in across the street with the all-purpose pickup line of "Have you ladies seen a big fat white cat come by here?" but since the cat had already been located, I felt this would be disingenuous. So we just went to the Alibi.

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We're on top of it: How to find your lost cat
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Wednesday, July 02, 2003 at 12:07:09 (EDT)

Kettle bones burn in the kitchen
George Bush is an ass. He's a tough guy when he doesn't actually have to worry about getting blown up. Jerk.

Moving on to lighter fare, here are more pictures. Today it's no cats and no pictures of yours truly. This batch is mostly friends of mine, plus some fishermen I met in a bar in Ireland.

Note: There may be cute baby pictures here, so proceed with caution.





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Tuesday, July 01, 2003 at 12:05:50 (EDT)

Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you
I just found some old photos while looking for an envelope. I got this scanner a few weeks ago, but have hardly used it at all, so I scanned a few that I liked. I may start doing this with some frequency, as I need to build up my digital photo albums. I suppose I could also buy an analog photo album and actually put the pictures inside it, but then all of blogworld would miss out on it. Plus I know I'll never look at them if they aren't online. Let's be honest, those photo albums are heavy and unruly.

Click on the two losers to see the first installment (it's only a few pictures).





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Monday, June 30, 2003 at 11:40:32 (EDT)

And then the hammer came down
One of the more difficult decisions in planning Saturday's party was scheduling. Normally, we'd have the party on Friday, since A has to work Saturday nights. But we didn't want to miss the Oneida/Company/Cunts show on Friday (which totally rocked, by the way), and we figured the party would just be getting going by the time A got off work at 11:30. The final obstacle was the show at Prospect Park. It was a tribute to Leonard Cohen, featuring, among other Wainwrights, our neighbor Martha. Marc Ribot was also slated to play, something I definitely would have liked to see. But next week is July 4th, and we really wanted to have at least two parties this month, so we went ahead with it anyway. Little did we know what we were missing out on.

According to Josh, who managed to attend the show and make it to the party, not only were Rufus and Martha Wainwright there (as well as their mom Kate McGarrigle), but friggin' Nick Cave showed up! Dammit. I know he's a huge fan of Leonard Cohen (in fact, it seems he is trying to actually become him these days), but I never honestly thought the guy would make it all the way to Brooklyn. Oh, the pain of it all. Laurie Anderson also put in an appearance as well. Grr. It's not like I haven't checked the calendar on the Celebrate Brooklyn website, where all of these artists are listed. But I'm comfortably certain there was no mention of Nick Cave on the list two weeks ago. What a tragedy. It's probably just as well I'll be out of town when Stephen Malkmus plays there next month. His special guest is probably Iggy Pop.

Anyhow, tonight I'm gonna work back some karma by seeing Martha perform at Arlene Grocery. The show is at 7 PM; I seem to be going to a lot of early shows these days. I guess that's what happens when you start to get old.

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Monday, June 30, 2003 at 00:08:04 (EDT)

Do me a favor, open the door and let em in
Thanks to everybody who made it out to the party. I like forcing all these disparate people together, it's part sociability, part sociological experiment. The tent held up okay (I was pretty sure somebody would trip over the cords and bring down the house, as it were), and only a few people were pelted with mulberries. Maybe the next party should be held at the far back end of the yard. But then we'd never have a chance of hearing the doorbell.

The doorbell has increasingly become an issue at these gatherings. Even though it's really loud inside the house, once in the back yard you can't really hear it ringing if there is the slightest background noise (stereo, somebody expounding on the virtues of White Castle chicken rings). Consequently, I fear a few people may have been stranded out front. If that happened to you, I am truly sorry. If you were pragmatic you would have joined in the stoop party going on two doors down.

So today we've been discussing solutions. I felt that the answer was a wireless, battery-powered doorbell that we could attach to the gate door, taking the bell mechanism outside with us. But does something like this exist? You damn right it does! As usual, I turned to that cornucopia of all things gadget-related, Radio Shack. After all these years, it's still the only place to find those little things you know you need, like a gold-plated 3/32" mono plug-to-1/8" stereo plug adapter. Whenever I go into Radio Shack, I feel a shudder of excitement wash over me like I was visiting a more socially-acceptable version of a sex shop.

Throughout the day, it became apparent that there were several other items we might need that Radio Shack could provide. M's guitar amp has a wonky input: $3.99 and some solder and it's fixed. We always need more microphones: did you know they sell Shure mics at Radio Shack? You damn skippy! And what about my door alert conundrum? Well, If I spend 60 bucks I can get a wireless doorbell/intercom device that would solve all our problems. It is, however, out of stock, so we may need to get a pair of 2-way communicators, whose practicality has escaped me until today's discussion. The problem with those things is that people would have to be able to push the button to make their presence known. The only other option down this road is sadly not available at the Shack, but we might decide price is no object and really bring our party scene into the 21st century.

But back to the party. At some point we had, including myself, 5 bloggers present, none of whom seemed anywhere as excited by this fact as I was. And I'm happy to report that I was not hungover this morning, even after the Bloody Marys, Jim Beam, Corona, and José Cuervo I managed to ingest throughout the evening. Thanks to the other José for supplying the tequila. We'll try to overlook the missing cups.

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