Friday, November 14, 2003 at 10:52:34 (EST)

It's 1 2 3 what are we fighting for?
J called me late in the afternoon, wanting to meet up right after work at the illustrious Brooklyn Inn. I figured since I had so much time before the show (Stupid wasn't supposed to go on until 11:30), I could meet up with him, go home to rest, and then head uptown hours later. But J is my oldest friend (since 2nd grade!) and we never run out of stuff to discuss. So the hours ticked by, as did the Guinnesses and Powers. Next thing we knew it was time for me to get going, as I feared missing Stupid's set.

I get to the Hard Rock Café and some classic rock band is playing. Dear god, I think I have their CD in my possession now. How did that happen? Matt from Stupid informed me that I had missed only one band, and that they were going on dead last. There was naught to do but drink more.

Attendance was poor at the event, a combination of the weather and the growing suspicion that these band competitions are a little foolish. Besides the enigmatic guy, EGG, I think I was the only person present who wasn't romantically involved with any of the band members (but a guy can dream, no?).

The classic rock band was tolerable, but all their songs were exactly alike. The next band was a dictionary-definition of arrested development. Three guys at least as old as me with dyed black hair, mesh shirts and leather pants, busting out some kind of metal-Vedder hybrid that just didn't fly. The lead singer had really long hair but it was all shaved off in the front, making him look like a cross between a Hare Krishna and Riff-Raff.

So Stupid took the stage sometime after midnight. There was almost nobody left in the place, but those who stuck around seemed to enjoy the show. They rocked as usual, and though the sound was not as good as last time, the accordion came through loud and clear. I don't know who the judges were exactly, but the audience could fill out ballots for their favorite band. I tried to stuff the ballot box, but it wasn't necessary. The band was way more lively on-stage than any of the other bands, their music was approachable but not carbon copy stuff. And Dana stalked around, trying to kill her maraca as she has for weeks now. Finally she just threw the unbreakable maraca out into the audience. She shouted "Motherfucker!" a lot. She flipped us the Bird. How could the judges resist?

So Stupid won, in a rather unceremonious announcement. They go on to the State Finals on December 3rd. I finally asked them what the grand prize is, assuming it was a wad of cash or studio time or a record deal or CD production. No. The grand prize is an opening slot at one (1) show in Steamboat, Colorado, opening for a band called A Simple Plan. That's it. I assume the band doesn't have to pay for its plane tickets at least.

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Thursday, November 13, 2003 at 13:22:00 (EST)

Eye of the tiger
Tonight, again takes the stage at the Hard Rock Café to compete in a battle of the bands competition. Why do they keep doing this? Are they gluttons for punishment? Possibly. But if they win the whole thing they get a bunch of money or studio time or something. I mean, I hope they're getting something like that, since otherwise all they get is the knowledge they're better than a bunch of lame bands. I investigated the competition and they're all kind of embarrassing. It's as though we learned nothing from the Grunge Era. If there is any justice, Stupid will garner the judges' acclaim. But just in case they don't, a bunch of us are going to the show to help sway the vote. Reportedly, the audience gets some 40% influence over who wins, so I hope a good number of Stupid fans show up to this thing. Sure the Hard Rock is kind of dopey, the decor is overdone as is the food (I'm assuming). But the sound is halfway decent, and it's amusing to see tourists who find themselves stuck in front of the stage just as the bands start up. And of course, the show is free. Stupid supposedly goes on at 11:30, but after what happened last time, I recommend showing up a bit earlier.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003 at 14:00:57 (EST)

I won't say it if you won't say it first
After months of sleeping on a cheap futon on the floor, yours truly has finally made the leap to respectability with an actual bed. I'm sure it will be far superior to sleep on, but I still can't get particularly excited about it. Maybe after I have the most blissful sleep of my life or chicks start throwing themselves at me when they hear I bought a Serta Perfect Sleeper I will understand the enormity of this purchase. But look at it:

Eh. It's a bed. It takes up a lot of space in my room. The cats like it. Whoopee.

I'm more excited about my new bird feeder! So far I've attracted some squirrels, a bunch of sparrows and one housefinch! Wow!

Of course, the real beneficiaries of the bird feeder are the cats. They are mesmerized.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003 at 14:13:17 (EST)

The smartest trees in the forest
We're not quite The Sexy Magazines, but once the media gets a hold of our new publicity photos (taken by the enigmatic MRK), the groupies will no doubt start rolling in:

Jimmy Legs, MRK, Z: Your new telegenic heros


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Tuesday, November 11, 2003 at 14:08:04 (EST)

On the street where I live
Update from yesterday:

Here's the old house: And here's what it looks like now:

I am pleased to find that the lower half of the building is fronted with a really nice shade of red sandstone. I'll miss the distinctiveness of "Old Blue" but I do so enjoy when things get shaken up.

For reference's sake, here's my whole block, at least when I moved in 3 years ago:

I'm still trying to find any other houses in the borough of similar design to this block. Oh, and the bricked-up house next to mine is almost exactly the same still, even though the owner was observed picking up sticks in the backyard this morning. Perhaps if he picks up enough, the house will magically renovate itself.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003 at 12:08:30 (EST)

All dressed in uniforms so fine
Who else has the day off? Lemme hear it! I don't know why I have the day off, I never remember getting Veteran's Day off in the past. It's not even a bank holiday, which is usually the determining factor of time off for my company. Why is today Veteran's Day? Because in 1926 they decided to commemorate the "cessation of the most destructive, sanguinary, and far reaching war in human annals," which happened to be on the 11th of November, 1918. Of course, at that point they hadn't seen anything yet.

To celebrate this auspicious holiday, I'll be dressing the cats up in historically accurate military uniforms and parading them around the house. Or maybe I'll just do laundry. USA! USA!

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Monday, November 10, 2003 at 15:27:54 (EST)

So this is permanence
I'm trying to find a way to make permalinks on this site, and have come up with a characteristically simple solution. So now every new post should have a link that can be used temporarily, should the need arise. My problem is that because this isn't a database-driven blog, I have to archive everything manually. When I do this, the permalinks will change to the new location. If I can find a way to get the script to post to two pages at once, I might be able to make true permalinks. But for the time being, people can link to posts for the week that they're on the site. Yes, every day this site becomes more and more like a Real Blog. Goody.

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Monday, November 10, 2003 at 15:19:04 (EST)

Blue is the color of my true love's house
As soon as I can escape, I will get some pictures of what is happening to my house at this time. If it wasn't so annoying, I'd probably think it was cool. Maybe I will eventually. Anyway, to explain we must go back in time, to a nondescript Tuesday. Last Tuesday, in fact.

Read the rest of the saga.

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Sunday, November 09, 2003 at 10:46:50 (EST)

One thing leads to another
Once, this was my problem:

Now this is my problem:

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