Friday, January 23, 2004 at 13:22:24 (EST)

Would I be there on your wedding day
Despite the preponderance of the phrase "Jimmy Legs" on this site, gaining the #1 position on Google still remains precariously out of reach for some reason. But the search reveals other jimmylegs-related program activities:

Miss Jimmy Legs
Common Sense dictates I should seek out this woman immediately and possess her in the Red Shoe Diaries sense of the word. But alas, her heart belongs to another. I'd like to think this is a joke site, due to the prevalence of stereotypical tidbits about people from the South: Miss Jimmy Legs, 39, dated her childhood friend (who's 41) for 2 weeks before he proposed to her while walking through the mall. Then they moved into his parents' house. The real capper is this final thought after the wedding:

After all of our breaking up and getting back together, and his threatening to leave the state every time I got pregnant - it all paid off. We had a rough time but are together for good now.

Okay, this has got to be a joke, right? Right?! There is an accompanying photo album that lends it credibility, but this could have been lifted from some other site. Is my would-be soul mate lying about her true love? I'm taking the next Greyhound to Alabama!

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Friday, January 23, 2004 at 02:04:51 (EST)

I've got the spirit, but lose the feeling
Another night of recording and mixing down some songs. Well, one song. A song that we had already worked on for several hours previously. It's quite amazing how much time can pass. But tonight's process was its own reward: we burned the finished songs on a CD and listened to it on our portable stereo, a la Joy Division in 24 Hour Party People, to see if it passed muster in a lower fidelity machine. It sounded way better than I expected, so with another 32 hours of solid work, we'll have the whole EP done ... And then what?

I'm gonna keep posting my drawings here, if only to shame me into getting better. With this one, I think I'm up to an 8-year old's level. But at this rate, I'll be drawing as well as Sparky Schultz by the spring!

This one was supposed to be Zack working on mixing down a song, but it looks more like Waldo's less peripatetic brother. I thought about fixing it, but I feared only making it worse. I won't even tell you how long it took to do this.

UPDATE: I have updated the image to more accurately illustrate the atmosphere during our mixdown process. Mouse over image to view.

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Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 10:29:33 (EST)

You can do what you want to whenever you want to
Bruce Ratner is close to finalizing his deal to buy the New Jersey Nets. While this doesn't necessarily mean he will get everything he wants in terms of the arena plan, but the way things are heading doesn't look good. But I'm still hoping some kind of compromise can be reached that would spare the neighborhood and still give this guy the arena he thinks he needs to build.

Turns out the railyards, which are the center of the proposed construction, will actually have to be moved somewhere else. I had been under the impression that the railyards would remain and construction would begin above it, but this is apparently not the case (which admittedly, makes more sense). But where are they gonna put the train tracks?

And more importantly, where are they gonna put Freddy's?!

Anyway, last night my dad and I went to the big Macy's on Herald Square to buy me a chair. Have you guys been to this place? What a monstrosity! I'd never been before, so it was quite a sight. I can't imagine getting near a place like this on the weekends, there are probably still people trapped in there somewhere. And what's the deal with the rickety escalators? These may be the last wooden escalators in existence.

I didn't buy any chairs, but I saw some good stuff, although nothing is as cheap as I'd like. I had initially wanted something in leather, but feared the cats would make short work of it. Then I realized the cats are going to shred anything I put in this room, so why not make it swank? I'm resigned to my fate.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004 at 11:18:17 (EST)

And the tap drips drip drip drip drip drip drip drip
Here's another in a long line of stories detailing the ineptitude of my landlady: On Friday some of the pipes froze. My apartment, which is on the ground floor, was mostly unaffected (the hot water tap in the upstairs bathroom didn't work), but apparently all the faucets in the rest of the building were nonfunctional. To combat this, the landlady started running around in my apartment, turning all the taps on and setting up a bunch of space heaters in the basement. This, she was sure, would somehow help thaw the pipes that were fully two floors above.

By the time I realized what she was doing she had already tripped the circuit breaker trying to run a hair dryer to use on the pipes in the same power strip she had plugged in the space heaters. I tried to tell her that the basement pipes were not frozen; after all, my water still worked. The blockage must be further upstairs. But she gave no indication she understood. Then she said, "Well, I just checked and you're not getting any hot water, even through the pipes that still work." She had all our taps running for the past hour; there was no hot water left. I had to explain how a water heater functions, how it can run out and need time to heat up again.

She finally left, vaguely mentioning a plumber and instructing me to leave the taps running until the upstairs pipes worked. How would that have helped? Wouldn't that just drain the water pressure that might help break through the ice upstairs? I shut all the faucets off. Nothing more was accomplished that day. I wonder what my neighbors did without any water. I wonder who my neighbors are.

Saturday, sometime after noon, the ice began to melt. My hot water tap started working again. Hooray! But soon after I heard water running heavily upstairs. Then water started running down my walls. I ran upstairs to find a locked door and what sounded like a high-pressure water cannon going full blast behind it. I thought maybe somebody was taking a shower and the water was somehow spilling over the tub, but when nobody answered my frantic knocks, I realized: The landlady had turned all the other taps in the house on, and left. She had probably forgotten all about it back at her mansion, or wherever she lives.

Water was pouring out under the door now. I zipped down to the basement and shut off the water main. Eventually the landlady returned, this time with an actual plumber, who was a little too late to do much good. By the evening, everything was back to normal.

I bring this up because: today it is still cold. The furnace is not on, and it is well below freezing outside. I know my landlady understands how ice is formed, yet she persists with miserly heating. It is truly bizarre to continually witness a person who cannot and will not synthesize experiences into new information, in the process we call 'learning'. Maybe I should just offer to be the building's super.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004 at 00:59:43 (EST)

This is a picture
I used to draw comic strips all the time when I was a kid. But alas, my gift was never properly encouraged by my family, who insisted that I waste time with trivial things like violin lessons and flossing. I've been meaning to get back into drawing for years, and lately I've been thinking about it comics a lot, possibly due to Phoebe Gloeckner's entrance into the blog world. And this weekend I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall everything.

While I was setting things up I found my Graphire tablet, a pen-style mouse tool. And since I didn't bring the camera with me on this weekend's adventures, I decided to take stylus in hand and illustrate the gist of my weekend. Of course, some of the details are a little hazy to me now, but one must allow a little poetic license in the case of artistic expression, no? I'm a little rusty with it all, but I think the following comic deftly captures my fascinating life.

Jimmy Legs, The Comic Strip: My Weekend

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