Friday, February 20, 2004 at 13:28:14 (EST)

It doesn't look that way to me
I'm having that problem with my eyes again today. You know, that problem. With my eyes. I can't quite see doing my job today.

So let's look to the future. Tomorrow is another show at Newsonic. This event promises weird experimental-type music from People, Dynasty, and possibly Big Bear (although I don't know anything about them). Also The Don't Stop is playing, so they will be providing the Rock. You may remember them as the Alibi Pig Roast House Band. I guess I'll take this opportunity to foist our EP on other unsuspecting musicians in a feeble attempt to get an actual show for the band.

Now I need to take a nap. I mean, I need to keep doing my very important job.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004 at 14:50:25 (EST)

Here comes my Chinese rug
The Graveworm just featured some Jimmy Legs and Motico music in his zine,

He's based out of Cleveland, so perhaps we should just forget this whole New York scene and book a tour on the north coast.

Ya know, it occurs to me that I am fairly well-acquainted with another well-established zine right here in Brooklyn. Yet, they have not approached my band for an exclusive interview or think-piece. Then it dawns on me, Rated Rookie doesn't do music reviews at all! I they do the "Bands Kyle Hates" which is always fun, but isn't one of the main reasons for starting a zine to open yourself up to an onslaught of free records from bands and labels so desperate for attention they'll send crap to anybody with a PO box? Let's get with the program, people!

Confidential to any bands or label reps reading this site: send any and all CDs you have lying around to:

243 Greene Ave #1
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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Thursday, February 19, 2004 at 11:09:14 (EST)

This was supposed to be the new world
Every so often I find myself plugging away at the calculator on, the online tool for comparing your relative level of income success. It's either depressing or mildly comforting when I see that my wages are not necessarily way below average. But it varies a lot, since I don't know what I do. I was hired to be a "web designer" but very little of what I do involves what I would call "design". My "boss" (who I learned recently is not in fact my boss anymore) has variously called me "wed designer", "web producer" "programmer", "webmaster". The last two terms spook me as they imply a real level of knowledge and responsibility I am certain I do not possess. I certainly don't want to be called those things in a negative light ("The website is broken? Who's the webmaster?").

Added to this, I haven't had any kind of wage increase since I started working there. I know, times are still tight, the economy hasn't quite recovered to the point at which companies will start dumping money on their employees as they should. But they've got me over a barrel. They know I probably won't quit for a long time (hey, I get to telecommute), and I suspect they know I am not perhaps the Internet Prodigy they might have thought I was when I was hired. But after more than 3 years with an ever-increasing workload, you can see how a raise might buoy my spirits, make me dedicate a little more energy to my job. But they, to date, haven't bought this logic.

So what's a boy to do? I'm giving myself a raise.

I realized today, when I woke up late for the millionth time, that being late to work doesn't matter. On a normal day, nobody would notice if I was absent until around 4 PM. So I'm setting new hours for myself: 10 AM - 4 PM. But I'll still claim eight hours. Suddenly, for the hours I put in, I'm making way more money! It's a 20% hourly increase! Wow! I love my job! I'm gonna give them the best 6 hours of my day! This is the best job ever.

Sadly, my plan probably won't work, since most of the work I get shows up in the late afternoon, long after my 6 hours have been completed. And of course, such deception would set the telecommuting community back 20 years and future generations of home workers will need to show themselves on company-owned webcams to prove their attendance. So instead of working fewer hours, I'll continue to fill up my 8 hours with mindless fantisizing and the occasional cat photo.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 16:51:41 (EST)

I must be sitting still

Today is a day in which I can't get anything useful done. In my stead, here's a bunch of pictures MRK took in the subway the other night. I think the people gawking at our CD are friends of his, but perhaps he just started accosting people on the train, forcing them to take our EP.


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Tuesday, February 17, 2004 at 16:03:08 (EST)

Juke Box Heroes
Two bits of news on the Motico front:

  • Our corrected CDs are now available! Go to the Motico site for samples and info on how to purchase. It's only $5 folks!

  • To ingratiate ourselves to the staff at The Alibi, we recorded a Pogued-up version of "Clinton Hill Lullabye," complete with new lyrics featuring everybody's favorite dive bar. We burned a CD with this song as the final track and now for 50 cents anybody can hear it on the Alibi's jukebox! That's right, never played one live show and already we're duking it out with "White Wedding"! Or if you're lazy or a teetotaler, you can just download the mp3.

And for the Pinky Fan Club, you can keep track of her progress at Liz's blog, plus read hilarious accounts of the weird stuff people in the publishing industry deal with. Check out the crazy Candy Man.

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Monday, February 16, 2004 at 12:20:14 (EST)

Pinky doesn't live here anymore
Jimmy Legs

Catch of the Day

featured personal
I posted the fake personals ads for Pinky a while ago, and I had almost forgotten about it. I'm not sure I ever seriously thought it would do any good. But Pinky may just have found those special someones who will finally take her off my hands. Even as we speak, Pinky is ensconced in a house on the south end of Park Slope, attempting to adjust to a new environment. And adjusting to a new cat named Max.

Now my house is back to its still top-heavy cat levels, two for me, one for MRK. It's been decidedly quiet around here since her departure, but the resident cats already seem happier, especially Hubcap. He didn't dislike Pinky more than he disliked any of the other cats (he hates everybody), but the removal of a cat seems to have generally improved his grouchy spirits. Actually he probably just barfed somewhere and I haven't found it yet, he loves that. But I'm sure we'll miss Pinky as time goes on.

I just hope she doesn't blow it.

I'm pretty sure she'll warm up to her new family pretty quickly, but I also can envision a dark day when Pinky is returned to my house, her head hung in shame. I really hope that doesn't happen, but when it comes to Pinky, assuming a worst-case-scenario is usually a pretty good idea.

So ends the wild ride that will come to be known as The Pinky Era. She came here an underfed kitten in the family way, and left here a spayed, overfed adult. As enlightening as the whole thing has been, I really hope we don't get any more charity cases here. In fact, I think I might just make a big donation to BARC just to hedge karma in my favor for a while.

To see Pinky off, here are the last photos we took of her before she went to her new home. Also I unearthed a few more old photos in the Pinky Family photo section. God speed, lil' doodle!

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