Friday, May 07, 2004 at 15:12:22 (EDT)

Can't stop the music
Ah, there's a baby squirrel out on the roof, only slightly cuter than the herds of baby rats that are no doubt being spawned in our city's sewers and dumpsters.

I saw The Plants last night at North Six, and if you weren't there, well, I'm afraid my simple words could not possibly do justice to what I witnessed. I think I speak for everyone present last night when I say I have never seen such a spectacle. Never. See them at Boogaloo on May 22nd and behold the glory yourselves.

Tonight I'm itching to see the show at The Hook, tho I'm not entirely sure I will be able to go. It's all locals, bands including Feast, Other Passengers, The Big Sleep and Qatsi, and DJs including music bloggers extraordinarie Jinners and MelodyNelson. Also I should check it out if only to investigate the back alley space to see if it meets my criteria for inclusion in this NYP thing I'm doing.

I don't know how I'm gonna have enough time to finish all these bar reviews and still do this other stuff I'm supposed to be doing, like preparing for Motico's show at Black Betty on Tuesday (it's free and we have new songs, but most of you haven't heard any of it yet and why not).

But let's take a moment to congratulate Juli & Will who are probably already married (!) at this point in the day. We'll be whooping it up with them tomorrow when I'm sure their stress levels will finally slip back to acceptable levels.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004 at 23:05:14 (EDT)

Do not go gently into that men's room
Aw, I totally forgot. Last week I was having dinner with my dad (again) at the White Horse Tavern and I saw this graffiti in the bathroom,

When a dog barks at the moon, it’s religion
When a dog barks at a stranger it’s patriotism

Somebody had added below it:

When a dog barks, it just wants you to throw the darn frisbee!

I think somebody else had written something as well but I can't remember it now. Damn, I need a smaller camera. You know, so I can take it with me into the men's room. How you shall all benefit when that day comes!

Speaking of bars, thanks for the info about bars with outdoor seating. It looks like I'm gonna be writing some blurbs for all such bars I can for inclusion in the New York Press Summer Guide thingy. I have one week to compile as many as possible, so I'll be ironically sitting around my house writing when I should be out experiencing these bars. But I will still need to do some fieldwork. For instance, besides the Bohemian Beer Garden, what other bars in Queens offer outdoor seating? I need only a few, but am drawing a blank. And I really don't want to have to go to Queens and just walk around until I find some.

Also, if anybody knows outdoor spots in Manhattan I might not know about, gimme a holler. It looks like I got Brooklyn down at least. I'd offer to credit anybody who helps, but I'm not entirely sure I'll get any credit for this myself.

Dog quote credited to David Starr Jordan

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004 at 11:38:47 (EDT)

Gimme the shot
I feel like the blog of late has not been nearly as entertaining as it once was, for me and my precious readers. So what better time to renew my vows of bringing tales of Brooklyn exuberance to my fellow bloggers? I haven't been to many new places lately, or if I have, I haven't been writing about them much. But with the pleasant weather breathing down our necks, I expect to spend more time out and about.

Sylvia & MRK chill out on the Alibi's back porch

Specifically, I need to hang out in some other bars. I've settled into a happy little rut with the few bars that I frequent. But after my stroll down 5th Ave the other day, I feel like I'm woefully behind the times. I used to live on the north end of this street, when O'Connors was the only worthwhile bar in sight. PRetty much as soon as I left the area, Southpaw opened nearly across the street from my old apartment. Now you can't throw a rock without hitting a new bar, restaurant or coffee house. But nobody throws rocks in the New Fifth Avenue; they're far too sophisticated. Anyway, who knows if any of these new places will pass muster.

Besides checking out 5th Ave, I need to explore other areas of town with which I am still unfamiliar. This is part of my larger desire to see every square inch of Brooklyn before I die. I know new stuff has been opening in Prospect Heights, but what about Coney Island, Sunset Park, Brownsville? Are there good bars there? Does anybody know if Sunny's in Red Hook is still open? I thought I had heard it shut down, but perhaps I am mistaken. Either way, I gotta see more of Red Hook.

Backyards are also good for cuttin' loose

Additionally, I need to compile a list of all the bars in Brooklyn that have outdoor seating. I know several key outdoor bars, but I bet I'm missing a few:

So tell me where else I should be going. I know there are other outdoor locales available, but I lack guidance. I will also accept suggestions for outdoor bars in Queens and Staten Island (but I already know about the beer garden). Help me out, people! Also tell me about nonstandard places, such as Mighty Robot, which has a sort of outdoor area, or Asterisk which has a roof garden.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004 at 13:32:54 (EDT)

Mamma, what color will the lights be
I was just ordering me mum a present for Mother's Day, when it dawned on me: the relationship of a parent to his or her child is necessarily strange, pretty much in any situation. While I can't claim that my relationship with my parents is perfect, it certainly isn't the worst out there. But regardless the level of intimacy, I keep thinking that it's all just kind of weird, especially the older you (the child) get.

For instance, last night my dad was in town again, as he is nearly every week these days for his job. We had dinner at Kapadokya (good stuff), doing the usual conversing about our jobs and our list of Projects To Be Completed in Our Respective Backyards This Summer. All of a sudden it hits me, this guy produced me! That's the main difference between him and any other old bald guy I might talk to at the bar. I mean, of course he raised me and all that, so I know him a little better than the average barfly, but it still strikes me as odd. Aside from our shared desire to constantly tinker with tape measures and various grades of sandpaper, we don't have that much in common. He lives in California in a big house with lots of space, I live in a 15-foot wide townhouse with lots of cats. He travels a lot; some days I barely leave my room. He's a pharmacologist, an expert on many drugs; I take many drugs (ho ho).

Does anybody else ever feel like this? Do you ever look at your parents and wonder how could it be that these people got together and somehow created you? I guess it's a pretty simple thing, but when you're a kid you don't even question it. It's not until you too become an adult that it starts to seem a little bizarre. After so many years of taking care of you, you find yourself self-sufficient and yet the roles don't immediately vanish. They're still the people who used to dress you and tell you not to eat soap. But you sorta got the hang of all that by the time you moved out of the family manse.

Do our parents find it as bizarre? Probably. I quote Herman Blume in Rushmore: "Never in my wildest imagination did I ever dream I would have sons like these." But it doesn't have to be a malicious sentiment, just a sentiment admitting how complex the process is. With my mom, things are even weirder, because we share many more personality traits, so when I see them in her it kind of freaks me out. For being so similar, we have almost nothing in common, except perhaps a passing interest in ornithology and the belief that Woody Allen used to be funny.

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Monday, May 03, 2004 at 14:39:06 (EDT)

You see me but I can't see you
Here's Motico tearing it up at the Knitting Factory yesterday.

See more photos of us and the other bands.

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