Friday, May 21, 2004 at 14:25:20 (EDT)

Makes me wonder how I keep from going under
Bleah, I have a hangover. As usual, it's my own stupid fault. I scheduled 3 events in one night when I should have maybe done one. Or maybe I should have stayed home and worked on band-related stuff. But anyway I didn't. Zack and I tried to go see a friend-of-a-friend's band at CBGBs, but we decided to skip it when it was discerned that the cover was a whopping $10. Who was playing on the bill, Grandmaster Flash? It was 7 o'clock, the sun was still out. What's with this ever-inching-forward cover price thing? More places ought to adopt the Luna Lounge/Freddy's method of charging no cover at all. We went to a bar instead.

Then it was Josh's comedy show at Boston Comedy Club. This was also $10 but I knew that in advance. I haven't been to a real comedy club in years, mainly because I only remember the bad stuff that goes on in these places. But this show was actually really good. We sat in the back to avoid getting picked on by the comics, naturally. Even though one comic commented that sitting in the back was no guarantee of safety, it was the people closest to the stage who bore the brunt. I'm on to you! Josh told a funny story about crack (remind me to tell you about the time I let a crackhead into my apartment). The only real dead zone was the guy with the 80's haircut and mistaken beliefs that he was a) funny and b) adored by women.

Then I went to a very crowded Black & White for Angela's birthday. It disturbed me that it appears they have a back yard but I was informed that it's never open. We rocked out to heavy metal and I drank too much and Angela wore a macaroni tiara and the music was too loud to talk but not loud enough to dance to and I wanted to have some cake but feared it was bring about a hangover and so I went home. And now, the hangover is here anyway.

But it seems to be wearing off rapidly, so I'll be back on the street for the Magnetic Fields show tonight. Since I never learn my lesson I'll probably head over to Tommy's Tavern in Greenpoint after the show to try to catch The Means show. They're also playing tomorrow at Lit, where all the cool bands play.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 15:31:05 (EDT)

It's a cats, cats, cats, cats world
I guess I knew this would happen. Friendster has worked through its Fakester phase and is now embracing its Cat phase. At first I thought it was amusing when people used their pet pictures on their (human) profiles, and even when people made profiles for their pets. But I keep finding cat profiles on Friendster whose friend lists are almost entirely other cats. All the testimonials are all written by cats, although I am pretty sure few of these cats have ever met in real life (or even IM'ed). At least Mr Bones has mostly human friends.

The Early Bones Gets the Worm

I suppose this dialogue is still better than actually pretending to be a cat typing on a computer. But not much better.

Here's one interesting cat: Mr Toes. But only because he has the same affliction as Leroy, Zack and Abby's cat (and former resident of Chez Legs) that makes them fall down a lot. Hmm, I fall down a lot too ...

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Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 12:23:18 (EDT)

A picture of you when you're getting old
Take a look at the newly refurbished Motcio Photos page. We just added a bunch of pictures from our last few shows.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004 at 15:18:28 (EDT)

Wear me around your ears
I have it on good authority that one of the acts for this year's summer Metrotech concert series will be none other than The Ohio Players! Not only are they still together, but they just released a new album? It always blows my mind when I find out old bands are still together and touring, even though they're no longer spring chickens. When I find out the actual date of their show, I'll post it. All I know is it will be a Thursday afternoon this summer.

Meanwhile, the Celebrate Brooklyn 2004 schedule has been released. Among the acts I will be trying to see:

  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  • Burning Spear (no spring chicken, either)
  • Hall Willner's Neil Young Project (tribute show)
  • The Alloy Orchestra (featuring that guy from Mission of Burma!)
  • Pere Ubu (!) with Clem Snide
  • Martha Wainwright (sister of Rufus but more importantly, my former neighbor)
  • They Might Be Giants with Corn Mo (!!)

There's tons of other stuff as well, not to mention the benefit concerts that will cost more but may feature even bigger acts.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004 at 13:48:46 (EDT)

I'm so tired
Folks, the bar reviews are done. They've been submitted to the mighty and pugilistic Jeff Koyen at the New York Press. I feel less confident about the writing with each passing minute, but at least there's nothing I can do about it. I like to live in a state of double-bound anxiety. Thanks to Noise Footprint for helping out with the Queens reviews. Girlish wrists, indeed.

My, what a dynamic stage show.

I'm exhausted. Our show went really well last night, but it's friggin' tiring to drag that equipment in and out of the house and up and down all the stairs at Lit. We recorded the show but something malfunctioned, causing the mic to drop out every few seconds. Eh, better luck next time. But Riff Random was cool, tempering their more Strokes-like material with Sonic Youth style freakouts (the guitarist had to borrow a drumstick with which to rap his strings). Tear Us Apart also rocked the house, their live show much better than the mp3s I heard on their site, which are a little too slick for my tastes. With any luck we'll play more shows with them, as they're also based in Brooklyn. Riff Random is from Australia, but they've been touring so much they haven't been home in months.

Jeez, they'll let anybody in that so-called "VIP Room."

So tonight is the next installment of the WYSIWYG Talent Show at PS122. This month it's all female bloggers reading. I really want to go, but we'll have to see if I can work up the energy. Right now I can barely put forth the necessary effort to do my Very Important Day Job.

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Monday, May 17, 2004 at 13:43:17 (EDT)

Ain't nothin' gonna break a my stride
Ugh, no time to blog. Gotta finish bar blurbs. Starting to think they all suck majorly. Fearing long-term damage from so much alcohol exposure.

Big rock show tonight. Must practice too. Come to Lit. Motico is headlining. Afterwards, I will need to return home and finish writing. Somehow this will all be done tomorrow. What will I do without such time-consuming projects? Oh yeah. Laundry. Oh yeah. Drinking at home might be fun again.

Motico. Tonight. Lit. Go!

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