Friday, July 09, 2004 at 00:26:23 (EDT)

Climb ev'ry mountain



Just because it's been hot lately, I hope the cats aren't expecting us to fall for their theatrics.




Like the mighty summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

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Thursday, July 08, 2004 at 13:49:09 (EDT)

So polished from your hair down to your toes

Trying to blend in with the stockbrokers

I went down to Stone Street yesterday to check out the investment-banker bar scene. At some point in the past, this really old street was completely closed to motor vehicle traffic so now it's full of tables so dense it is very difficult to determine to which establishment a given table belongs. You take your chances and sit down and a waiter appears from somewhere. I'd like to don a waist-apron and carry a notepad and do some guerilla waitering down there some day. I'd swoop in and take orders and insist on cash up front. Or maybe I'd just take the order and leave, so when the real waiter shows up, people are already pissed off. Considering the languid pace of the service last night, I bet I could get away with this for quite a while.

What is it with young Wall Street types who wear those cornflower blue dress shirts? I know, every man probably owns at least one, but these guys must have closets full of them. Fully half of the after-work crowd was wearing them as they stood outside Ulysses drinking Bud Light. I guess the thinking is that the blue shirt is somehow more offbeat than the basic black and white outfit. But when everybody wears it at the same time, it doesn't work. I understand that more formal dress usually means less room for creativity, but there's got to be something we can do about this. Unfortunately, men looking to liven up their business attire usually have but one outlet: the necktie. This doesn't help. Loud 'power' ties and 'humorous' pattern ties with golf clubs or Bugs Bunny do not a statement make. I think people need to stick with solid colors for ties, and shirts should range more. Also I'd like to see more suits with some kind of pattern on them! Why doesn't anybody ever do that?

That reminds me of an old Woody Allen joke, when discussing getting dressed for a date: "You don't wear argyle with dark blue. I had on dark blue socks and an argyle suit." The very stuff of comedy in the late 60's but I think the time is finally right for the Argyle Suit. Somebody get on this. Oh, also somebody needs to design table legs that automatically keep the table top level while on an uneven brick street in lower Manhattan. Million dollar idea!

Tim's shirt is one of those iridescent things so he gets a fashion Pass.
And of course, my look is impeccable.

And yes, I know that as a guy who never ever wears a suit I probably shouldn't make snap judgments about how businessmen dress.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 00:06:10 (EDT)

We said we'd all go down together

Josh B
Ah, sweet confluence! Josh B's latest article not only discusses one of my favorite bars in the hood, but also deals directly with Josh R's aborted Spelling Bee, and mentions my ex-girlfriend! All in the same article! UPDATE: Kathy's also in there, although she denies the claim that she was wearing flood pants (artisitc license perhaps?) My only regret is that I was at band practice when most of this was going on. I didn't get there until spelling anticipation had been almost completely replaced with beer. Let's hope that any articles about Freddy's helps fight the stupid Arena thing they want to build on its lot and a lot of other unnecessary locations nearby. Corie makes us aware of a NYT article about the spot as well.

Josh R

Ah, I remember when I didn't even know Freddy's existed. I lived a scant few blocks away at the time, yet had no idea there was a fine dive bar/live music venue within a stone's throw of my blue-paint-covered hovel. Anyway, the whole arena deal stinks. Sports suck.

The Ex

Speaking of Brooklyn development, have you guys been by the new mall thing they dropped in front of the Williamsburgh Bank Building? I admit, I've been looking forward to it. See, unlike the stupid evil area thing, this mall was built on top of an empty rail yard lot. And only the lot. Ratner was to use the Atlantic Avenue rail yards and all the real estate that surrounds it as well. "That wasn't part of the deal! That wasn't part!"

Anyhow, my main interest in the new mall (besides its aforementioned integrity) was because it houses a Target store. It's a little lame, but it'll be nice to have an all-in-one department store in the neighborhood. Who knows, maybe I'll start buying all my clothes there instead of Century 21. Ha, fat chance, although the mall will also have a Daffy's.

But what I hadn't counted on is the other stores. Yes, I'm afraid Downtown Brooklyn will now have a Starbucks, but that isn't the worst news. There's gonna be a Chuck E. Cheese too. What else, besides perhaps Denny's, smacks so much of the suburbs I've spent the last 13 years of my life trying to evade more than this emporium of sub-par pizza and spooky singing mice? Well, I guess I didn't really have that exact image on my mind when I left Mentor, Ohio, but now that I'm faced with again, the horror is all coming back.

That said, a friend of mine said we should totally have somebody's birthday there. Man, Generation X never tires of the irony thing, does it? What the hell, I'm game. I'm terrible at video games, but Skee-Ball has always held a vaguely Freudian attraction for me. I think I still have some tokens somewhere.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004 at 13:07:26 (EDT)

You better watch what you say
Hey, look at this email I just received to my work account:

A communication sent from your e-mail account was intercepted and quarantined because it contained language deemed inappropriate for business communications. If you feel your message was quarantined in error, please contact email-quarantine@[mycompany].com

Now, first of all, I haven't sent an email out since last Friday, so my first thought was that this part of some elaborate virus/worm thing. But the message had no dubious attachments or anything. But second of all, what the fuck? "Language deemed inappropriate for business communication"? what words do you suppose set that off? I assume it's terms like "logic," "efficiency" and "big fat raise for the web guy." At any rate, I am thinking of lots of other inappropriate language right now.

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Monday, July 05, 2004 at 21:22:07 (EDT)

Good morning Mister Zip-Zip-Zip

Buzz McKinnon is a take-charge kind of guy

Let's see, what was this weekend's most important lesson? Perhaps it's that when I have a barbecue, I should request that guests bring only beer and not more food, as we have tons of stuff left over. Or perhaps I should request that guests bring all the food and beer, and we just provide the grill and the yard. I dunno. Actually, the real Lesson of the Weekend is probably "Don't see Fahrenheit 9/11 on a hangover." I didn't think I even had a hangover but Buzz and I saw the film on Saturday, and it left me feeling queasy and helpless for the rest of the day. Did non-hunogver viewers feel the same way? Still, it's obviously a landmark film that everyone should see. Certainly its best aspect is the fact that it is spurring conversations among pretty much everybody I encounter. We can't have too much conversation about what's been happening here (and there) for the past few years. Also, I haven't seen it yet, but from Abby's explanation of it, I think Control Room sounds like it makes a good companion piece to Michael Moore's movie. More babbling about my weekend.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004 at 11:01:11 (EDT)

Woke up in my clothes again this morning

Al Duvall at Freddy's

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