Friday, August 20, 2004 at 11:50:15 (EDT)

California Uber Alles
Ahoy, East Coasters! It's 8 in the morning here (that's 11 AM to you people) and I'm wide awake. I feel so productive. I'm in California until Monday and I forgot to bring my camera cable so there won't be any pictures until I get back. Alas. You'll have to make due with the gross picture of Toby from the other day.

Today we are going to Alcatraz, site of horrifying imprisonment for countless innocents. And I'm just talking about those of us unlucky enough to be stranded in a theater for the duration of The Rock. Actually the prisoners probably had it better: 3 squares a day, City Views. Their cells were probably bigger than some East Village apartments, innit?

What am I missing out on in New York? Or in Seattle? Or Ohio? This country is too big; we should get rid of a few states.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at 12:48:18 (EDT)

She wants a clean-shaven cat
He was cute when he got here, but now he's Frankenstein's Cat. Toby got beat up by his brother last week and the wound turned into an abscess so now he gets to walk around with half a shoelace sticking out of his neck. They shaved him as well so he looks like a beige rat. Also he has ear mites but that's pretty common (I know in the picture he looks like he has no right ear but it's just the angle). He needs medicine twice a day for while, but I will not be here to apply it. In a couple hours I'm off to California for way longer than I'd like. Don't get me wrong, it'll be a fun trip (once the excruciating long plane ride is over), but I do not have much of a wanderlust these days; I'd rather just hang around Brooklyn. I guess that's the definition of a rut.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004 at 13:21:26 (EDT)

All we need is a drummer for people who only need a beat
Now that we have a little time on our hands, it's time to think about the future of the band.

Which of the following instruments, if added to Motico, would makes us expotentially cooler?
Knee Cymbals
Baritone Sax
Flammable Guitar
Incredibly Heavy Organ
Wax Paper/Comb Kazoo

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Monday, August 16, 2004 at 11:39:26 (EDT)

Come up for air
This rain is depressing, but it couldn't staunch the flow of Rock this weekend! That sounded kind of gross, I'm sorry. Asterisk was a hoot as usual, but ever since that place got well-known every show is incredibly crowded. There were claims that the main performance room was air-conditioned, but I couldn't tell because I was too busy rubbing sweat out of my eyes. But sometimes it's nice to get a little overheated. There were so many bands they used part of the gallery space as a 'second stage' so bands wouldn't have any down time between sets. Some highlights include the Athletic Automatons, guys in basketball uniforms playing psychedelic improv with a slide guitar and a huge ride cymbal. Also amusing was the Grand-Buffet style white rap duo, whose name escapes me now. All their playback music was handled by a laptop using the rudimentary sound program that comes with Windows. And of course USAISAMONSTER was amazing, they have some new stuff which they said was inspired by Bulgarian folk music. Which is weird because we recently bought some Bulgarian folk music, but it has yet to sink in.

I'd never seen Japanther live before, and it was quite a sight. I still say that kids today don't mosh properly, but I am willing to admit that time has clouded my memory on the subject. Anyway it's rare enough to see people in New York dancing at a rock show anyway, let alone bopping around like it was still 1991. The weirdest thing to me is that Japanther is not a guitar-heavy band; I can't imagine getting up the moshing spirit without a strong guitar presence but I guess I'm an old fogey.

Saturday was our own show at Pianos, which exists on the opposite end of the spectrum from a place like Asterisk. Instead of being an independent, underground scene, Pianos is definitely a money-making venture catering to a more-upscale clientele. They try to pass themselves off as a tony LES club, but the drink prices belie the rustic/rusty decor. But the band room is still okay by me. It's a good size, not much place for people to sit (forcing them to stand like they're supposed to at a rock show), and the sound is really good. Zack actually knew the sound guy, having worked with him a few weeks prior at Volume. He set us up nicely, and at one point Buzz actually had to request his monitor volume to be lowered. Some more pix here.

Lots of good people showed up, too. We were fearing the worst because so few folks on the mailing list had told us they were coming. But people did come, and I can't stress enough how much we appreciate that. It makes me wanna line everybody up and give you all inappropriately-long hugs.

After the set there was a lot of confusion as the rain struck up in earnest. Nobody wanted to hang around the club so a lot of us went to The Magician, possibly named so because it is always magically empty when you are in the East Village and need a place for a big group of people. But we knew we'd have to go back to check out the rest of the show, as well as see if any money was made for the night. We did manage to hit Sam's cart and got some much-needed grub (one of the best reasons to play Pianos is its proximity to his cart). Finally Buzz got our dough and we split for the night.

Sunday was a lazy day. I didn't get into gear until later when I went to see Dynasty at Trash. They've become a really entertaining band for only having 2 people and no drummer. Their music sounds like what might have happened if James Chance and Pat Benatar had formed a band in 1982 and took a time machine to 2004. What's not to love?

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