Friday, October 01, 2004 at 12:30:54 (EDT)

Palm trees in the fuckin' bahamas (and we mean it)

What's the Buzz down on Sex Street?

I don't know what happened to the post the other day about all the festivals this weeked. I swear I didn't delete it on purpose. But in case you're bored this weekend, here are several things to do:

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Thursday, September 30, 2004 at 14:04:11 (EDT)

Depression is my problem, depressants are my answer

I have got to get more wired into what's going on around town. Last night we were finishing some work for our forthcoming 7" with Hills in his Williamsburg studio, and he mentioned there was a show at Asterisk. "What?" I exclaimed. "A show there on a Tuesday?!"

After it was explained to me that it was actually Wednesday, my shock didn't subside much. If they're doing shows every night, I know I'm missing some good stuff. Anyway, Hills and I talked each other into going (it didn't hurt that I had a bottle of Beam in my bad already, how convenient).

Because it was an off night, the crowd was far less than I usually see it there these days. People could move freely and frankly, there weren't any kids at this show. Not that I don't love the little nippers who turn out for these things, but the old man in me wants to see more old men (and women) out on the town.

So the bands: Cat Time, from Detroit, were the most technically pleasing to me. They had lots of band members and everybody seemed to be playing their own song, until the drummer signaled one of the many time/tempo/rhythm changes. It reminded me of Don Cab (see them tonight with The Forms!) and USAISAMONSTER in that respect, but they also had a goofy nonchalance about everything.

Plate Tectonics had the biggest bass drum I've ever seen. The main focus in this band is the metal-freejazz drummer and the barky-drony lead singer. I always like it when diminutive Asian women get all screamy in bands.

Face Down in Shit have reportedly been around for years, touring Europe a lot. Their music was sort of like metal and emo ... MEEMO! They absolutely shredded the crowd. I hesitate to describe them as grunge, but only because I think I might wanna say that because one of the guitarists looks like Mark Arm.

And of course, USAISAMONSTER (aka "OOh-sah EE-sah Monster") was there to delight and baffle the audience. Somebody needs to just give them a PA that can keep up with them; the one at Asterisk just ain't cuttin' it. The weirdest thing about the show was that Tom got a major haircut and no longer looks like the guy from Yes. Is this a harbinger of doom?

I tried to flag a cab home, but the cabbie just looked at me and grimly shook his head. No worries, as both the L and G trains showed up almost immediately (even though the G was doing that one-track, 2-shuttle trains thing, they both were waiting for me). It'll be years before that happens again.

Some big photos from the show.

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Monday, September 27, 2004 at 16:15:53 (EDT)

Welcome to the dripping jaws

Decatur was our last good cat. The three male cats are ornery and troublesome. They steal food from each other, they fight noisily, they think the whole basement is one big litterbox. Decatur is sweet and retiring, deferential and is tiny and cute. Until last night. She was out on the roof and she started howling. Looking through the barred window, I could see she had something in her mouth. It was a little mouse. Unlike Freddie the Stray Cat, Decatur obviously doesn't know how to purposefully kill prey, so she just played with the thing mercilessly. I know mice are vermin and whatnot, but I still don't want to have a ringside seat to its torture. Because of the bars, I can't get out on the roof without putting a ladder outside, so all I could do was try to lure her inside with cat food. This did not work.

Now the dead mouse is still sitting on the roof staring at me, and Decatur cannot be bothered to knock it off or anything. Maybe I shoulda kept the cockatiel and ditched these evil cats.

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Monday, September 27, 2004 at 14:09:36 (EDT)

Pink elephants on parade

I checked out the Atlantic Avenue Street Fair yesterday. It's reportedly one of the oldest annual street fairs in town. It went along Atlantic all the way to Hicks Street, which is nearly to the water's edge on Brooklyn's western side. The whole thing was packed to the gills. Besides the usual sock and pillow vendors, there was a lot of music. Some prerecorded, but also a lot of live stuff as well.

This being a very Middle-Eastern part of town, the fair had originally begun as a sort of "Middle Eastern Day" celebration, but seems to be more wide-reaching nowadays. Still there were belly dancers and a lot of Arabian and North African folk music.

As I was making my way down the street to meet up with my friends, I heard the strains of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." I could see a couple kids singing along; I assumed it was some kind of karaoke thing. But when I got closer, it turned out to be a full rock band. I think they were called "The Insecure." The kids must have been like 10 or 12, but they could really play! The drummer and bass player were really on it, and the guitarist did a solo that was better than what's on the original Nirvana record (of course, guitar solos were not really their forte). They played one more song which may have also been a cover, and then finished because "we only know two songs." Punk fucking rock!

Chuck Schumer was also on hand to take the public's abuse, but everybody was in too good a mood to take him to task.

Best of all, this fair allowed attendees to buy beer and wander around. This should be standard practice at every street fair. And every city function. And every barber shop. Eventually harder liquor was required, so we stopped off way at the end of Atlantic at Montero's. They were giving away homemade spaghetti and meatballs!

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