Friday, March 25, 2005 at 14:09:10 (EST)

Should have known better and we do

Symbols of Purim: The Bad Guy, The Good Guy, The Babe, and The Porno Cowboy

Hey, it's Purim again already! You know what that means: Tonight we are commanded by our Old Testament God to go out and get drunk off our collective ass! What a lovely holiday? Is there any other major religion that has a holiday like this? Hmm, I guess St Patricks Day is like that, but without a specific religious endorsement (though the Catholic Church has been silently complicit in St Pattys Day crime from its inception). This is all very convenient for me, as I am short of ideas for stuff to do tonight. Now I have my plan: drink until I can't tell the difference between Mordechai and Haman! Don't know what that means? Read the Scrolls of Esther!


Monster Island doesn't really look like this ... or does it?

Saturday I am planning on seeing Measles Mumps Rubella at another Todd P-brokered events. As You may know his recently opened compound, dubbed "Monster Island" was recently shut down for retooling, thus creating a veritable hipster diaspora, as a month's worth of rock shows had to be rescheduled at other venues around town. Never one to disappoint, Todd busted ass to get all the shows a new home, thus opening up some venues not normally traveled.

Todd P, continuing to shave years off his life for your fulfillment.
Saturday's show was to have been similar to Asterisk's way of handling bands: alternating sets in various spaces within the

building so there would be no lag between bands. Now that Todd is without his space for a while, he has orchestrated the concept between two separate bars that are blocks away from each other in Greenpoint. This means music fans will be tromping back and forth down the street all night, which could make things very interesting depending on the availability and relative cheapness of PBR at each venue.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 12:28:01 (EST)

You're all wasteful pigs
The other night on Dekalb street I saw a woman walking two dogs. One was a golden retriever type dog and the other one ... wait, that wasn't a a dog at all. It was a pig. An enormous pig. Remember when all those Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs were all the rage in the 80's? Quite a scam was perpetrated on the American public. The market was suddenly flooded with the tiniest, cutest piglets you could imagine, each with the promise that they a) make good housepets, and b) they never get much bigger than piglet size. They were sort of right about half of that.

The pigs were not in actuality special miniature animals, they were just oddly shaped regular pigs. By the age of four the average pot-bellied pig weighs 150 pounds. Boy were those yuppies surprised! They thought their pets would all stay handbag-sized but ended up with Arnold from Green Acres in their penthouses. Unfortunately this led to a lot of pig abandonment cases, but in some cases people literally sent their pigs out to live on a farm. No, that's not just what my mom told me, but in fact does exist. These pig sanctuaries give the pigs much-needed outdoor space so they can continue to lie around and get bigger.

I think it's nice they have these pig rescue resources, but I keep picturing the oddity of a farm full of pigs, not being raised as food, but rather more of a porcine spa. Are any of these sanctuaries right next to regular pig farms? Do the "eatin' pigs" get jealous of their pot-bellied brethren who lounge around for the remainder of their lives? Many of these sanctuaries don't even allow adoption; their pigs are there to stay.

But there's still at least one pig in the New York City area. I didn't have my camera but maybe next time it's out on the street I will catch it. It's pretty hard to miss a giant pig on a leash walking in front of Kiki's Pet Spa.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 13:08:19 (EST)

And almost immediately I felt sorry
You ever wake up in the morning next to someone and be totally like, Whoa dude, what was I thinking?

Hubcap had one of those moments today, but only because Mr Bones somehow sidled up next to him while he was asleep. I didn't get the picture until he recoiled in horror at his bed partner but a second before they coulda been making out.

I think I'm only gonna post pictures of cute animals from now on. Maybe it's time I admit that's the real strength of this site. Embrace my inner lameness!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at 17:08:31 (EST)

Homes are broken or fractured like Bones

Mr Bones thinks about what he will do to Buster if ever shows up in his house again. [thanks ron]

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Monday, March 21, 2005 at 16:08:58 (EST)

I don't mind you coming here

The party went well, but with any luck the next one will utilize the back yard again, this joint isn't really laid out well for such events. Zack resuced his parents' dog Buster, which not only enlivened things but also aided the cleaning process in that any food that hit the floor was immediately consumed. Is there a Party Dog rental service? Otherwise we'll have to send for Buster for our next shindig.

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