Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 14:24:38 (EDT)

They have monkeys like we have squirrels
Lightning Bolt was, as usual, fantastic. The show was sold out, but even despite their use of the floor for their set, it wasn't overly packed. Best of all, it didn't get as horrifying hot as it was at their Asterisk show (I'm sure I would have fallen out if I hadn't taken a breather on the sidewalk at that one). I'm still amazed at some New Yorkers' ability to stand stock still in the face of such lively music. Then again, some other folks were more than compensating for the formers' lack of movement. This always pisses off the people who don't dance, and while I sometimes feel their pain, most of the time I'm thinking, "Well, if you were dancing a little, you wouldn't notice that dude bumping into you and wouldn't have to pull that I-smell-onions face."

Right in the middle of "Dracula Mountain" I saw a girl drop to the floor in front of me. Immediately a circle opened up and everybody peered in with concern. My first thought was that somebody had been injured in "the pit," and were trying to get back up again. But eventually I realized the woman's glasses had been knocked off and everybody was trying to find them. Just when it seemed hopeless, they emerged, unbroken. What are the chances of that? So the lesson learned, kids, is that if you're gonna bop around up front at a show like that, you must remember the rules:

  • No glasses
  • No watches or bracelets that could scratch or get caught in somebody's suspenders
  • No rings
  • No "Elbow Dancing"

When will the chillun learn? Well, now you know, so why not put this wisdom to good use at the Motico show tonight at Sin-é? We're going on at 9, and this time, we mean it. Come early to see UTAH, this band from Denmark we just got on the bill with us. How exotic!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at 17:12:41 (EDT)

He shot me (but it felt like a kiss)
Oh, that's it. He's guilty.
[via Buzz]

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Monday, May 23, 2005 at 13:14:30 (EDT)

No more wood on the fire
It's been another exhausting weekend of seeing bands. At some point I should probably find something else to do in this town. But Broadway's too expensive and I don't get this whole neo-Burlesque thing. So in the meantime, lucky me, there's lots of bands to see. This weekend's award would have to go to USAISAMONSTER, who played Sin-é last night. I can't remember if I've ever even seen them play Manhattan before. It's a little odd to see them at a regular New York club. True to form, they set up on the floor away from the stage, which I realize is for more than just the increased intimacy of a floor-show. Not only did it allow them to start almost immediately after Face Down in Shit's set (who were so loud even Sin-é's famously overloud vocal mics could not keep up), but also because USAISAMONSTER brought its own PA. That's right, despite having a fairly good sound system at their disposal, they chose to run their vocals through a small mixer and one of their huge amps. The sound quality was not great but at least you could hear it over the din of their music (which is more than I can say of the sound guy for FDIS).

More and more I have to admire this band. Especially amazing is Tom the drummer, who not only does these incredible percussion bits but can play a keyboard strapped to his set, sing, and play a set of organ bass pedals with his left foot. You gotta see it when he does all of this stuff at once, it's quite unbelievable. And then after these most amazing feats/feets, he says "This next song's about when we went camping and took acid." I talked to him after the show about an interview for the Press, and he lamented the fact that the doesn't have internet access at home. "I wish we could do it," he said. "I wish we could, like, be computer people, you know?" He mimed tapping on a computer keyboard. Yeah, like I'm really disappointed in the guy's computer skills.

Coming up this week, it's a full schedule: Lightning Bolt is back again for two nights in Brooklyn. First is Tuesday at North Six and then Thursday at The Hook. What to do on Wednesday while waiting around for the next LB show? Come back to Sin-é for Motico's repeat performance! We're gonna try to recreate everything about our last Sin-é show, the songs, the passion, the free records, the light show. But there'll be one change: we'll actually go on when we said we'd go on, so some people will actually have the chance to see it. Like we told you last time, we're going on at 9 PM, but this time we really mean it! Actually we might go on a little earlier than that, so come early and get yer money's worth!

Friday we return to Sin-é for Big Bear and Fresh Kills. And oh yeah, some guy with the unlikely name of Kyp who apparently is in some band called TV on the Radio.

Also, happy birthday to Decatur! She's five years old today, which seems somehow impossible.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at 15:40:40 (EDT)

Give me a reason not to bite
Don't forget, every Wednesday afternoonish, I post my new music preview blurbs on my music blog. This week's good shows feature Baby Dayliner, Electric Turn to Me and USAISAMONSTER. If anybody knows of any upcoming shows that I may not be clued into but should, please gimme a holler toot sweet.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 13:28:53 (EDT)

I'm proud to be old Obi Wan Kenobi

So who else is seeing the new Star Wars movie this week? Honestly, I think if somebody hadn't offered me a ticket for a Thursday afternoon show, I wouldn't bother seeing it until it was out on DVD. But now that I know I'm going, the old habits have begun to resurface. Not that I was ever that big a Star Wars fan, but I was a small child when the first movies came out, and therefore the Lucasfilm seed was planted in my mind, and so I shall forevermore be at least mildly concerned with this stuff. Buzz likened it to following professional sports, you can get all wrapped up in it, but if you take a step back you realize how silly it all is, how little depends on who wins the Pennant (whatever that is). It is the same with this stuff, but after so many years of waiting, the prospect of getting these last few questions answered still has enough oomph to get my attention. I've managed to watch all of the movies in the past week, so I'm up to date on everything that happens on the screen, more or less. Of course, George Lucas futzed with all the old movies and added a bunch of crap that was completely unnecessary, but I can remember enough about the old ones to suit my needs (come on, Han shot first!). Considering how disappointing all the new movies have been so far, I'm not exactly optimistic, but despite the poor judgment exercised previously, I'm betting there will be enough stuff to keep my attention.

But one thing still bugs me. The Empire, against which the Original Trilogy heroes fight (and defeat) starts its stranglehold on the galaxy right around the same time Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader. Isn't that just a little on the nose? For something to truly be an "empire" doesn't it have to be around for a long time, gathering more territories along the way and creating a history of powerful manipulation? This means the Empire of Darth Vader is only around as long as he is, which must only be about 20 years, since, as we know, his son will grow up to destroy it all. In a region the size of a galaxy, then, it is probably safe to assume there would be plenty of star systems who never even knew the Republic had converted to an Empire. It's like Italy under Mussolini, the average Italian standing around saying, "Eh? We are Fascists now? Okay, ciao!"

And then I step back and realize how dumb it is for me to be spending this much time thinking about this. I could have baked a cake or written a song in the time I spent contemplating this stuff! Alas. But I'm still gonna see the movie.

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