Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 16:36:28 (EDT)

We all make a difference in the end

Japanther played its last NYC show for a couple of months last night at somebody's loft in Manhattan. I didn't even think there were any slightly run-down lofts left on that island, but there's at least one across the street from Joe's Pub. The crowd was heavily college kids, but the Japanther excels at playing to these kinds of crowds. They played a long set, even though stuff kept breaking, even though at various times, one of the other of the band members wanted to quit. Is it bad for your health to drum really, really fast while shrieking into a microphone built out of an old payphone? Probably. Ian the drummer looked totally wasted, we thought maybe he was drunk, but I think it's just a logical result of the exertion of the live shows. More pix up at Flickr.

Plus: New music previews on the music blog! I think I've been fired cuz none of my stuff has been published for weeks. It would be nice of them to tell me, but at least you people benefit from my painstaking research into the local music scene. Have a blessed day!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 12:27:05 (EDT)

I'm your fan

Decatur finds relief at last

Even though cats don't usually like wind blowing in their faces, desperate times lead to desperate measures. To be fair, the fan was actually blowing the other way, but the cats have been hanging out on the other side of it to catch some of the breeze. But I dunno why they don't just hide out in the basement, it's like 20 degrees cooler down there. Plus we're running a dehumidifier, which not only makes it feel cooler, but Hubcap has also decided its drain tank is his new water bowl.

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Monday, June 13, 2005 at 15:43:17 (EDT)

It's an open smile on a friendly shore
Hmm, I thought shaving my head would allow me to better endure out little heatwave. But it doesn't really; in fact, now the problem is that without something for the sweat to hang in, it just rolls into my eyes. I need to start fluffing up my eyebrows.

Here's an odd little jaunt for the land-weary: some guys own a couple of boats and for 25 beans you can ride around Manhattan all night on them while gettin' jiggy to some live rock bands. I had heard of this last year, because I believe my friends in The Forms were poised to weigh anchor (although I don't think they went through with it). The boat thing has been brought to my attention again because The Giraffes apparently set a course for adventure yesterday on board "The Temptress." I have no idea how they book these things. What a bizarre thing to see, a band like The Giraffes on a large moving vehicle. Now, if they played the Staten Island Ferry, that I could see. But a semi-luxury cruise yacht? Seems a little off the mark. Most of the other bands that do this gig are tribute bands, covering everything from Jimmy Buffet to Motley Crue. But it looks like there are a few other respected acts performing, like Antibalas and the kids from that real School of Rock with the real teacher who never ceases to be pissed off at that other School of Rock. Cuz it was, like, all fake n shit.

Then again, even if Lightning Bolt was playing on these boats, I dunno if I'd attend. When I was a lad I recall getting frightfully seasick on a friend's boat and something tells me that now, 20 years later with the addition of alcohol, I may not fare so well on the high seas.

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