Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 12:41:29 (EDT)

We hate it when our friends become successful
Okay, so I never update this blog anymore. I know. I feel bad. But you must believe me, it's only because my life has become pretty boring and my job is having a lobotomical effect on my brain during daylight hours. I wanna try updating it more often, but I warn you, I am thinking about more rambling, nonsensical posts that have little outside appeal (much like these ubiquitous 'I should post more often' posts throughout the blogworld).

But that's not to say I haven't been doing anything. For instance, I'm trying to scrape together a new site, devoted only to bands and local shows here in town. I am always watching the calendars and web sites for worthwhile shows to go to, so I figure I might as well put the info out there in case anybody else might be interested. This didn't seem appropriate for the Jimmy Legs site, so now there's Here's YOUR Copy (the title's an inside joke, sorry).

This site will just list shows I'm planning on going to (whether I actually make it to them all is another story). I need to hammer out the format a little (it's back on, warts and all), but the one thing I'm more satisfied is the calendar that goes with the site. It's just the calendar everybody gets with a free Yahoo account, but it's handy for keeping track of the good stuff. For instance, this weekend is not only the MOTICO 2.0 show at Trash, it's also Lightning Bolt and Boredoms, Bent Outta Shape, Japanther. Who can keep track of it all? Well, I'm giving it a shot.

Until I get some better connections, the shows may not be all that surprising or hard to find (ie, lotsa ToddP shows). I'm hoping to list stuff that gets no promotion at all (starting, of course, with my band), things like loft parties or other nonstandard venues. I always find it frustrating when I hear about a good show after the fact, so if I play my cards right I'll be more on the ball with that stuff. If anybody wants to hip me to any jive going on around town, write to heresyourcopy (at)

Thanks to Bob at Gimme Tinnitus for being the first 3rd party site to link to HYC!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 15:26:05 (EDT)

Like a twig on the shoulders of a mighty stream

photo by lisa whiteman

Well, many things have changed in Jimmy Legs' world in the past few months. Remember my band, Motico? Well we still exist. More or less. Make that less. One less to be exact. Motico is now a 2-piece, and we're just about ready to show our faces in public again. We're starting Motico 2.0 on Saturday, July 1st at the Trash Bar in Williamsburg. The occasion is DJ Mojo's 50-something birthday party (can you believe this guy is old enough to be my dad, and that's saying something!). We're opening the evening at the godforsaken hour of 8PM. As a frequent show-goer, this seems way early to me, but there is an upside: Trash Bar's famous Open Bar. From 8-9PM drinks in the band room are free (well, beer and the cheap stuff), so show up, pay the cover and drink it back as fast as you can! A good binge drinker should be able to down at least three drinks during the open bar allotment. Then you'll be ready to dance The Electric Slide with the Birthday Boy himself.

This happens during the weekend associated with July 4th (I hate it when this holiday falls outside of long-weekend trajectory, why don't they just do it like Labor Day?). So if you're in the city at all, chances are you have nothing else to do anyway. Admit it. It's okay, I didn't have any plans either.

Meanwhile, I'd just like to say mulberries suck and I'm starting really despise meteorologists because they can't properly tell me when I should water the lawn or not. Where's the huge scary thunderstorm we were supposed to get?

Motico 8pm
Proton Proton
The Dead Betties

Saturday, July 1, 2006 Trash Bar 256 Grand St. between Driggs and Roebling Williamsburg, Brooklyn $8

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Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 13:19:10 (EDT)

All the beer in Munich cant console them

As you know, I work adjacent to the World Trade Center. A few minutes ago, I hear the sound of people screaming and feet pounding, as though something horrible had happened and people are fleeing the scene. I leap up from my cubicle and look around; nobody else seems to have heard this frighteningly vague noise. Then Pat in Operations walks by and I ask, trying not to sound hysterical, "Did you hear something weird?" She says no, but then motions towards a corner conference room, "Oh ... World Cup."

We run a pretty tight ship here in Corporate America.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006 at 11:28:24 (EDT)

You've got to see my bottle full of charm

I don't know which is more disconcerting: the unused office space in the heart of the financial district, or the fact that Cupid's Sex Toys couldn't maintain its market share in the same neighborhood that contains the Pussycat Lounge, the New York Stocking Exchange and the New York Dolls Gentlemen's Club.

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