Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 13:28:21 (EDT)

Rip up this place and scream
Folks, until I figure something out about my malfunctioning comments, please direct your attention to this site, it'll be my main blog for a while. Soon you won't even notice the difference ...

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 at 11:52:14 (EDT)

Took a whole lotta tryin' just to get up that hill

Word has been handed down: my office moves on October 5th. Wait, that's a Thursday. Why the hell are we moving on a Thursday? That's what Mondays are for.

It's the end of an era, almost as much as moving from Clinton Hill will be (later that same month). Except for a couple of weeks, my entire New York Professional Career has existed within a few blocks of the World Trade Center. Except of course for all the years I worked from home.

My commute of 3.4 miles will stretch to 5 miles (according to Google Maps), but the subway is a lot closer to the office. Plus I'll only be on the 4th floor instead of the 22nd. But currently my desk is in some random spot among people in the Operations department, I assume a the new place I'll be in with people from my own department. This means I'll have to get to work on time for the first time in my Professional Career. This for me reduces all the other potential benefits, I don't want my coworkers to know when I get in!

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Monday, September 18, 2006 at 14:11:32 (EDT)

Spinach blasters

I contracted some kind of virus over the weekend. My first thought: contaminated spinach! But I don't think I had any; in fact, I sort of stopped buying the bagged spinach because I always forget to use it before it goes bad. This is the gamble of buying produce. And what an exciting life it is.

Despite the onset of illness, I still went over to Janice's new apartment for dinner, which was lovely. Against better judgment we then proceeded to Boat for Tom's birthday. Tom announced his comic work will be getting publishing in an anthology by Fantagraphics. Not bad, they were always my favorite alt-comics publisher (close second: Drawn & Quarterly). By this time I was either guzzling whiskey or honking into tissues which made me such a charming guest. I woke up Sunday feelin' fine ... for a little while.

What's up with this delayed-reaction thing with hangovers? I felt okay when I got up at noon, but by 2PM I was ready to hit myself in the head with a steam iron just to knock myself out. Maybe it was the last of the alcohol leaving my system that left me vulnerable to malaise. I took a bunch of allergy medicine, which is notable mostly for its ability to put me into a coma-like stupor. I slept the rest of the day away, missing the Atlantic Antic, which I had been pitching to everybody I talked to last night. I wanted to see The Fleshtones, both because they are always fun, and also because I'm afraid they'll die before I get to see them again.

Speaking of rock, Friday night at Michelene's was absolutely ridiculous. Something about that dank cellar resembles Your Parents' Basement When You Were in High School, and thus seems to bring out the juvenile goofball in its attendees. Kevin Shea (People) decided his subject for between-song banter would be "Penis," and he pretty much exhausted this topic by the end of their set. Kevin has taken to wearing berets and several pairs of sunglasses while playing, which tend to get flung into the air by his convulsive drumming. The Solution: tape the headgear down. This led to a veritable line of people going up and taping various stuff to Kevin while he continued to play. What a pro. for some reason Kevin broke into "Sunday Bloody Sunday" which prompted normally mild-mannered ToddP to grab the mic and belt out the tune with the help of Christopher from Parts and Labor and some other audience members.

When Stay Fucked took the stage (uh, corner), instead of standing still and watching the band, the crowd got into it like they were the Circle Jerks circa 1983. At one point a bunch of guys came up and lifted Hank's drum kit off the ground while he continued to play, which was nice for a spontaneous prank on the band. Even ToddP, normally restrained, was animated all evening. In between bands he put the Jackson 5 on the PA and tried to encourage patrons to join the "killer dance party in the basement!" SF refused a second encore at which time, it was announced that a local spot was having a special evening including all-you-can-drink booze and all-nude strippers from Jersey, all for $15 a head. I passed on this anthropological curiosity but I'd still like to hear what that was like.

At least I managed to have my fun before this cold totally kicked me in the butt. I even considered staying home today, but in the end it's far less trouble to go into the office sick than it would be if I had skipped it today. Of course, the real reason one stays home when they are sick it to prevent one's coworkers from getting sick. But I totally want to get these people sick.

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Monday, September 11, 2006 at 17:38:34 (EDT)

Today's my super space-out day
For the first time in five years, I'm back in the office for September 11th. Actually, now that I think of it, I've NEVER been in the downtown office on September 11th of any year. The last few years I've been working from home, before that I was in Weehawken, and on the first 9/11, I was doing this. So I never actually sat in the World Financial Center on this day. Which means I didn't realize there would be so many tourists getting in my way on my way to the office. There are always tourists wandering around down here, but today of course was especially bad. Oh well, I guess we should all have extra leeway to be spacey today.

Things around here sure are a lot different than they were in 2001. Clinton Hill has gone from a sketchy neighborhood to the place where no home shall sell for less than a million dollars (except this one). I live with none of the people I did back then, though for the time being I'm still in the same house. I'm poised to purchase a house in a part of the boro I probably didn't even know existed back then. I'm still working for the same company, though my status has changed a lot (though all that happened in the last 6 months). Smoking has been banned. ToddP has become a household name (well, in my household anyway). And Shellac has played twice. Last time they were here was October of 2002, they finally returned to Brooklyn last week.

And somehow, I'm still using the hacked guestbook script as a blog, with a commenting script that's so old that the guy who wrote it doesn't even have it on his site anymore. I haven't quite figured out the problem yet, I sure hope I don't lose all the comments from all these years. I mean, I hope I can get this to work without manually replacing all the comments on every post.

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