The residents of 1 Downing Street

I finally took some more pictures of Arthur Wood's Broken Angel, the weird building around the corner from my house. I still don't know much about it, except that from the looks of it, it is constantly being altered, mostly at the top. Although I've never seen anyone up there working, things move around, bits are added or removed. There used to be some small windmills up there, but I don't think they're up there anymore.

Note the absolutely normal houses next door

The wooden scaffolding looks out of place; perhaps it precipitates a larger renovation

Looking down at the base of the house, its real tenants reveal themselves ...

This explains where all the kittens have been coming from

Part Deux: NoBeQ ("no-beek," north of BQE; yes, I'm that clever)
It's ugly and sometimes sort of spooky, but the area north of the BQE in my neighborhood is fascinating to me. It's like a little Red Hook, in that the highway completely severs it from the rest of the city. Of course, with the Navy Yard nonfunctioning for the past 40 years, whatever community used to exist there is all but extinct. There are still people there of course, and in fact I'm beginning to think this may be the last affordable area in this zip code to buy property. Of course nobody even bothers to speak about gentrification waving its magic wand. Not yet anyway. Weren't they supposed to build a big movie studio up there, that would draw thousands and turn its shabby little shacks into multimillion dollar "bungalows?"

The Navy Yard Lounge

Strange, it's not listed on CitySearch

Somebody fix these peeling signs!

I headed west to the bridges but wound my way through some little streets I never heard of before. At the corner of Little (literally a 'little' street) and Evans, I found a big fancy house with a gate and a fleet of classic cars in the driveway. This is all next to the power lines and smoke stacks of the north shore of Brooklyn. What's up with that?

Where the hell am I?

Shoot, you can't see all the cars, but whose house is this?

Heading back to my neighborhood, I finally figured out what the huge red building is near my house: a nunnery! Well, a convent anyway.

Jeez, it's been there since 1862. I didn't even know we still had nuns.

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