Fort Greene PUPs Dog Costume Contest 2003  

I've been a spectator at the Dog Costume Contest for several years, but this year I got to live out a dream I wasn't previously aware that I had: emceeing the contest. It was a harrowing adventure, but rest assured, Yours Truly pulled it off with all the aplomb one would expect of a mildly hungover guy who has no prior experience with public speaking.

As I was babbling into the ancient PA system, I left camera duties to MRK, who did his best to capture the intensity, excitement, and cut-throat, white-knuckled competition of this yearly battle royale.

DCP_1715 DCP_1716 DCP_1717
DCP_1718 DCP_1719 DCP_1720
DCP_1721 DCP_1722 DCP_1723
DCP_1724 DCP_1725 DCP_1726
DCP_1727 DCP_1728 DCP_1729
DCP_1730 DCP_1731 DCP_1732
DCP_1733 DCP_1734 DCP_1735

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