Our New Pool 

So due to the rain and landlordly negligence, our basement flooded something fierce yesterday, about three inches deep all throughout the room. We plucked our instruments and amps out, and there doesn't seem to be too much damage, although I think the computer my ex-roommate left behind may be ruined. Anybody know the effects of rainwater on PCs?

Compare this with pictures taken before the flood.

I found Mr. Bones' litterbox floating around like a little boat.

Nothing like a flood to make you realize how much utter garbage you've been keeping in your basement! At least this gives me an excuse to throw out all this crap.
This is all the stuff that we actually want. It's not really so much stuff after all. Nearly everything appears to be undamaged but we'll have to see after it all dries out. But I'm afraid my copy of "Abba's Greatest Hits" on vinyl will never be the same.

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