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All is lost/It's all right

Motico, my band, has been quietly (yet loudly) been recording and finishing up our album over the past few months. We finally had the recordings mastered last week (in between job interviews and cat-trapping!) The results are, obviously, awesome. This is the first time we recorded in 'real' studios and had things handled by people who know what they're doing every step of the way. Aside from one record years ago, everything else we've done was recorded in our basement, so this is very exciting.

We recorded 15 songs and will be releasing some of them on vinyl, once we pin down which ones exactly. Music purists will be able to purchases these records and everybody else can get it on iTunes in time. Until then, here's a selection from our travails:

Motico – Career Open To Talent

Thanks to Justin at Kerguelen Studios and Paul at Salt Mastering.

P.S. Thanks to Bob at Gimme Tinnitus for turning me onto the Yahoo Media Player,  it's neat!

I don't wanna live to be thirty-four

Buzz and I played a brief set at Club Europa last night, but not the club you might have seen many notable shows in the past (Shellac, Melt Banana, Lightning Bolt). No, our show was down on the ground floor. Turns out a couple weeks ago Europa renovated the lower bar and turned it into a little venue in its own right. Gone is the pool table, gone are the tables and tubular metal bar stools. The bar has been shortened, lights have been dimmed, red velvet banquettes brought in and a somewhat awkwardly-designed stage has taken their place. This came as a relief to me, I had been dreading the thought of our lil two-man operation trying to plug away in the cavernous upstairs space. Best of all they didn't charge a cover, marking 2 locations I now know of (along with GBM) that have free shows around here. I don't know if they'll keep that up there, but it was a fun time.

After the show we scampered over to Club Exit, where the F Yeah Fest was winding up its tour. The headliners were the Circle Jerks, yet another reunited band from days of yore back on the sing-for-your-supper circuit. Keith Morris still has the voice, but those dreadlocks are nasty. I guess, better than a mohawk, extremely long, scroungy white-guy dreadlocks are the ultimate physical proof that you probably don't have a regular day job. They could still play pretty fast, though they played a version of "Back Against the Wall" that bordered on reggae, it was so slow. How odd. Odder, they closed the show by playing what I figure was every single song that Morris performed when he was a founding member of Black Flag. At first it was cool, but then it just got weird. Why so many Black Flag songs? They're awesome songs, and I like Morris' voice way more than I ever liked Rollins (though my favorite Flag vocalist is still Ron Reyes), but it became like a bizarre idol-worship move, having the Circle Jerks play backup to the "An Evening with Keith Morris" show.

Perhaps the weirdest thing, however, to come out of this show was the revelation that the very fat, Cpl Henry Blake-style fishing hat, and mountain-man beard was none other than ZanderSchloss, whom geeks like me might better recognize as the character Kevin from Repo Man (the super geeky guy Otto works with at the grocery store).

This shit just dropped right out of the sky

On Monday evening, as we were winding down after band practice, Buzz was heard to remark, "Ya know, we should book some shows soon." As usual, the booking gods heard him and dropped a show right in our laps. Our pals in the bristling 500ma asked us to fill out their show at the mammoth Club Europa in Greenpoint Brooklyn. It's coming up quick, this Sunday at 7:00PM. More details to follow, but for the time being I'm trying to get Buzz to mention how badly we need a PA, new amps and a pony.

Motico and 500ma
other bands TBA
Sunday, July 13th, 2008
Club Europa
98 Meserole Ave., (corner of Manhattan Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
tel. (718) 383-5723
G train at Nassau

Where you been

Where you been, originally uploaded by Jimmy Legs.

That's the newest feral to fall into our clutches. I'm pleased that it's a female (I think), because that means getting her spayed will stop her from having any kittens, PLUS female cats are much less likely to spray. This is in some ways the biggest plus of this whole TNR thing, a reduction in cat musk. I don't know what evolutionary side street this noxious stuff came from, but in sufficient doses it's every bit as horrible as skunk odor. My neighbor had a cat mark his front door and he tried to remove it with an ammonia-based cleanser. Big mistake; the ammonia actually makes it worse!

Anyway, enough cats (for now). I put this photo up because I didn't take any pictures at the Market Hotel, where we saw Black Dice play last weekend. It's the newish venue above Mr. Kiwi's, below the Myrtle JMZ station.

What's good about it:

  • 3 train stops from my house, meaning virtually no pesky walking in getting to and from venue.
  • Fairly smart staff/residents, who keep an orderly line and know when to cut off entry so as to avoid a Shirtwaist Fire situation. There were maybe a couple too many reminders about not hanging out in front of the club, but when we left there were indeed a bunch of stupid people loitering right in front and drawing undue attention to the joint.
  • Bar served Budweiser, which, I know, is a lame megabrewery, but Bud is easier to stomach than, say, Busch, which for some reason has become the only beer available at these places. I need to bring that flask, but it's nice to put a little more money back into the venue.
  • They had a coat check! It looked like they were just throwing coats on the floor of the room, but points for trying. I am not at all certain the place has any real heating source of its own, the heat being provided by the 500+ people in attendance (Matrix-style). Since we can never leave a venue until the proprietors are meaningfully sweeping the floor over our feet, it was notably colder and a coat was warranted.

Not so hot:

  • This is debatable, but the place is really big. That sounds like a good thing, and for most I'm sure it is. But for me it was a bit cavernous. The sound was actually pretty good, but I guess I just prefer tiny clubs (as long as they're not crowded). Maybe this is why so many bands I like never make it; if I like your band, you're probably playing a small club to few people. Oops.
  • It's getting a lot of attention and has booked some larger shows: How long can it last before a) it attracts huge, lame crowds or b) it gets shut down?

Not so hot this weekend for the Ghengis Tron show: Queens-bound JMZ trains are not running between Myrtle and Broadway Junction. shuttle buses take their place on Bushwick Ave. Okay we could probably walk it and not die. And it's just the Queens-bound side, so getting there is no problem. But if the show runs late the likelihood of catching a bus is slim. Of course, shuttle buses can be surprisingly frequent, but I'm still dreading it. I guess we could take a car home, but that's even lamer to consider.


At the other end of our street is The Silent Barn, a performance space that has seen its share of amazing shows. Problem is, I haven't been to hardly any. The last time I was there was New Year's Eve, which was like a year ago. Yikes! I'm not sure why we never get over there, perhaps it's because of our odd distance from it.

The place is about a mile from my house. To get there by subway, I'd have to take the J train at Halsey down to Broadway Junction and transfer to the L, and take it up to … Halsey. But you know, on the other side of Halsey. This seems prohibitively roundabout, so we've never done it.

The moere obvious way to get there is take the B26 bus straight across Halsey to our destination. We did this before and it works, but only on the way out. Considering it was past 4am when we were coming home, no bus showed. We ended up walking the whole way back, and I don't believe we saw a bus in either direction. However, I did find a discarded broomstick I needed for the poly applicators we had to refinish our floors. In retrospect, the long walk probably did much to stave off a hangover, but still: I'm Old. I Want Convenient Travel Options.

Anyway I bring this up apropos of Parts & Labor playing there with Ex-Models side project Knyfe Hyts on Saturday evening. We haven't seen them in forever, and I think they have a new drummer now, so what the hell, we'll go check it out. I recommend the band (unless hte new drummer sucks) and the venue. AND I heartily recommend patronizing the gas station down the street; they sell CornNuts.