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Bird on a wire

I don't have much to add to this story but I wanted to note it on my blog, if only so I could look back in the future and note the moment in history when the Port Authority decided it had the right to round up a bunch of animals that had done absolutely nothing wrong and kill them. This goose thing is amazingly stupid. It is proven the birds most often getting caught in jet engines are migratory geese, not this bunch that live here (sure a few may be from the 'dangerous' group but come on). Even if every goose killed could somehow be guaranteed to get sucked into a plane's rotors, it still isn't a long-term solution, unless they plan on killing every single goose, gull, pelican and egret in the country. They're going to kill a bunch now, but of course, more will come to take their place. That's an ECOSYSTEM; gassing a bunch of geese isn't policy, it's distraction.

Yet somehow with almost everyone (except the NY Post) against them, they have already begun the mass slaughter. I don't care what you think about geese, but this should be at least mildly annoying to all of us.


  1. Been there, done that
    Posted June 19, 2009 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    I'm surprised PETA or one of those types of organizations haven't gotten hold of this yet. I agree, more will come. Poor things. They cull the deer around here and I think it's crazy, they produce like rabbits!

    I hope Spike gets a good furrever home soon, I'd LOVE to have him, but I've got 14 of my own and hubby would absolutely kill me!

  2. Suz
    Posted June 23, 2009 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    Short term and ill advised "solutions" like this make me absolutely sick to my stomach. I live in Canada and it is as bad here, with seagull poo being blamed for e-coli in the water (which is actually from improperly treated human sewage and run-off from factory farms) and deer culls such as those mentioned in the previous comment.

    As you know from your work with TNR if you remove a population of animals from their habitat it will be almost immediately replaced. Hence the "R" in TNR!!

    I feel awful that these geese have been slaughtered for no reason other than so a few politicians can say they are doing something about a problem. What a shame that these beautiful wild creatures should meet such an end 🙁