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Mabel Unchained

Mabel is now out of her crate and free to roam the house. We kept her locked up both for her safety and because until yesterday we had small kittens. Mabel hates kittens with a passion that can only mean she once was a mother herself 🙂 Whatever the reason, kittens have targets on their […]

We can rebuild her

It's been one week since Mabel came home from the AMC after her procedures. For such a small cat, she had a ton of issues! But the balloon dilation and stents seem to be doing the job, she no longer struggles to get air into her lungs. Previously, she looked like a fuzzy bullfrog, her […]

Mabel in recovery

Mabel is one of our several cats, she came to us as a foster but we decided she gets to spend her life with us. We decided this partially because she has a lot of health problems that need addressing. Here's what she's had done so far: Treatment for giardia Treatment for severe ringworm Multiple […]

Look What Happened to Mabel

Update: Please visit Mabel's Donation Page to help! Mabel just got home from the vet's. Again. Mabel has had a variety of health problems in the relatively brief time that we've had her, and the phrase we hear most often from her various doctors is "I've never seen anything like this." And it's not just one […]

The thrill is gone

I'm still working on a post detailing all the cats who live in our house but I need to take some new photos. Sadly some of the longer-term residents don't get as many aww-thass-so-cute photos taken on the reg. But here's something interesting and animal-related.