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Carefully watched for a reason

The taming of the cat continues. We've now had the El-Word Kittens for over 2 months; 3 have been adopted, one sadly died, and 3 remain. They are getting big, as they are between 4 and 5 months old now. Their personalities have emerged, which will either make it harder or easier to part with […]

There must be someone who will buy

For several weeks now I have been taking the 'good' kittens to an adoption event in Williamsburg. Muddy Paws pet store has been kind enough to let North Brooklyn Cats set up cages (and even a pup tent full of kittens!) out back so we can get our cats some much-needed exposure. This weekend is […]

It's gonna take you years to find out I'm not giving up

Kitten Taming 101 continues, and produces its first graduate! Eldert, as the orange tabby kitten was known, has been adopted! He is the first of the bunch to go to a new home, where he will live with two lady cats. I am hoping that at least 2 of the remaining kittens will be adopted […]

Homeward bound

The Eldert Street TNR cats have all been released … in our yard. We had been thinking that our neighbor was overly burdened with cats she wasn't even sure she wanted, so we decided it was worth the gamble to release the cats in our yard. The cats, although territorial, should be able to figure […]

A cry for help, a hint of anesthesia

The last 7 days have been some of the most stressful in recent memory. Last Thursday I got word that we had a Toby Project mobile spay clinic booked … for the following Tuesday. We had been planning a big TNR (trap-neuter-return) project for the feral cats living behind my neighbor's house for a while […]