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Home where you belong

We've been participating in North Brooklyn Cats' weekly adoption events when we have cats or kittens to adopt out. It's been an invaluable resource to get our cats seen by an enthusiastic crowd and I don't know where we'd be (or how many more cats we'd still have) without them.

Buzzer sounds, gotta move

  We took last week off, my first real vacation from my newish job. It is reassuring to know I can take time off without having to do a ton of work out of the office. My old job demanded I work every day; I'm not sure why I didn't parlay that into a full […]


I am getting tired of writing posts like these. Last year we lost several cats for one reason or another, and I figured we were done with these stories for a while. But a few days ago we lost another feral, possibly two.

We're having much more fun

Now that the kittens are well-established in their new homes, we have turned to new projects. One project was getting cats rounded up for a friend's spay/neuter clinic. We knew there were a couple of unfixed ferals visiting our front feeding station (windowsill) so we set the strap up this past weekend. Imagine our surprise […]

Gone baby gone

And like that, they were gone. Almost 3 months to the day of their arrival, the last of the colony kittens has gone to his new home. I can hardly believe we moved them all, especially some of the more 'difficult' ones (okay, Elmer).